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Crystal meth instead of Kinder Surprise toy

Surprise! It’s drugs! A five-year-old Northern Irish boy thought he struck gold when he found a yellow plastic shell of an unopened Kinder Surprise at the side of the street in his Belfast neighbourhood. But there was no child’s treat inside — just a small bag of crystal meth.

Police say the boy and his brother smartly handed it over to their father, who turned it in to police.

“As a father of a child, I know how enticing Kinder eggs and their contents are to children,” local councillor Alan Robinson told the U.K. Daily Star1.

“In this instance the children are to be commended for passing the contents to their parents.”

Police are investigating how the drug came to be discarded in the Kinder Egg in the ditch of the street.


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Bank robber who used sex toy as fake bomb is sent to prison

PITTSBURGH — A Pittsburgh man who robbed a bank with a fake bomb made out of phone wires, duct tape and a sex toy has been sentenced to 1 1/2 to 3 years in prison.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports1 an Allegheny County judge sentenced 36-year-old Aaron Stein on Tuesday after rejecting requests for leniency, including house arrest. The judge says he couldn’t tell the community Stein’s case warranted only house arrest. He says, “It can’t be that simple.”

Stein pleaded guilty in March. He says he robbed the PNC Bank in Crafton last June because he was desperate after losing ?9,000 he’d invested to cover his approaching honeymoon. His attorney says desperation drove him to don an Iron Man mask and used the fake bomb to threaten tellers.


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