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HDMI to VGA Adapter 6Ft (Old PC to New TV/Monitor with VGA),HDMI Male to VGA Male Converter Cable with Audio for Connecting Laptop with HDMI to New Monitor/HDTV – Cut Price

HDMI to VGA Adapter 6Ft (Old PC to New TV/Monitor with VGA),HDMI Male to VGA Male Converter Cable with Audio for Connecting SM© Laptop with HDMI to New Monitor/HDTV
Lightweight & Portable: This HDMI to VGA cable is an ideal solution for presentation, conference, watching movies expanding your working space at home, having a meeting in the office, or doing a presentation in the class. Built-in SM© USB port will free your worry about the issue of insufficient voltage of your devices like Apple ,Sony, PS3, PS4.

Durable & Convenient:
Adopting gold-plated craft to ensure excellent transmission performance. This HDMI cable is made of heavy duty material, high quality guaranteed. Easy installation, just plug and play.

Resolution Support:[email protected]; [email protected]
HDMI Input Devices: PS4/PS3/Xbox One/ Xbox 360/Fire TV Stick/Roku Stick/Google Chromecast/Laptop/PC/Raspberry Pi /Nintendo Switch/Apple TV box/Blue-ray player etc.
VGA Output Devices: TV/Monitor/ Projector with VGA Port.

Warm Tip
*It support HDMI to VGA, but couldn’t convert VGA to HDMI, it is not bidirectional
*SM© USB power delivered is suitable for your low-voltage devices like Sony and Apple. But If the voltage of the devices is normal, no need the SM© USB power, the cable can work alone.

Four steps to connect adapter properly
1.Insert the male VGA into the TV/monitor/projector
2.Insert the SM© USB into the related interface of computer for getting the supplementary power when you connect MacBook Pro, PS3,PS4,Apple TV, Blu-ray players etc.
3.Connect the audio cable to the AUX input of your TV or speaker.
4.Insert the male HDMI into PC/PS 4/Xbox.
Note: Extra HDMI female-to-female coupler easily connects two HDMI A Male to A Male cables together.

You will get:
✔1 x HDMI to VGA Adapter with Micro SM© USB and 3.5mm Audio
✔1x Extra HDMI female to female adapter
✔12-Month After-Sales Service and Free Life-time Technical Support

  • ✔ This 6ft HDMI to VGA converter cable is design for transmitting and converting digital signal from newer HDMI-equipped devices (Laptop, Notebook, PC, Laptop, DVD player, Nintendo Switch) to older VGA devices (TV, projector, monitor ). Support ONLY one-way signal transmit and convert from HDMI to VGA, it is not reversible from VGA to HDMI.
  • ✔ Legacy companion for an older 4:3 and 16:9 aspect projector or TV with VGA. Supported Resolution up to 1920 x 1080 (60Hz). Connect the SM© USB port with an external adapter to supply enough power. SM© USB charging boosts the signal from computers with low power HDMI ports such as the MacBook Pro PS3,PS4,Apple TV, Blu-ray players, Apple Mac systems.
  • ✔ 3.5mm audio output enables it to be connected to a speaker/home theater system to enjoy the high quality audio. Extra HDMI female to female adapter (package include) is used to extend your HDMI cable, joining two cables together.
  • ✔ Extensive compatible with Apple TV, Blu-ray players, Apple Mac systems, Sony Devices and Xbox. Dell Ultraboo Nintendo Switch, Notebook, PC, Laptop, DVD player, Roku, Chromebook, Chromecast, Amazon fire TV, PS3,TV box ,TV, Projector, Monitor etc.
  • ✔ 2 YEAR WARRANTY: Gold-plated connector provide rigidity protection and excellent transmission performance. HDMI to VGA Adapter is Built-in Active IC Chip, convert digital HDMI signal to analog VGA signal directly. Belfen provide best After-sale service. NOTE: Any questions about the HDMI to VGA adapter, please do not hesitate to contact us by email ( Or via your Amazon order page and click “contact seller”),We will try our best to solve problem for you.

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14 oz / 400 ml coffee pot Household glass kettle, high temperature resistant + stainless steel filter

14 oz / 400 ml coffee pot Household glass kettle, high temperature resistant + stainless steel filter

1.MORE SMILES PER CUP – This kit is the easiest way to guarantee an exceptional, delicate taste every time. Any barista will tell you: pour over is the best way to unlock the true potential from your coffee. Your taste buds will be on the receiving end of a flavour fiesta that will leave you grinning like a possum eating a sweet potato. 
2.UNLOCK THE VALUE OF YOUR BEANS – Your beans have traveled long and far and have the capacity to make you extremely happy. But they’re not just some cheap date. You need to charm the flavor out of them. This manual kit has a glass handle and uses ‘percolation’ to slowly pass water through ground coffee into the carafe below – simple. Wave a cheery farewell to bitter, machine-made muck and usher fragrant, sweet, coffee into your home. 
3.CHEAP IMITATIONS COST YOU MORE – Our pour over brewer is made from 100% BPA free borosilicate glass. The laser-cut reusable stainless steel mesh filter extracts maximum flavor with minimal effort – simply rinse clean – easy.  
4.SAVE TIME, HASSLE AND THE PLANET – Heading to the store like a lemming to replace filters can be a thing of the past. Not only do paper filters cost money and steal more delicious oils and flavors, they create waste and damage the environment. Our reusable steel cone filter ensures the flavor ends up on your taste bud.

  • ❄ MORE SMILES PER CUP – This set is the easiest way to guarantee a special, delicate taste every time. Any barista will tell you that pouring coffee is the best way to unlock the true potential of coffee. Your taste buds will appear on the receiving end of the flavor festival, making you grin like a porpoise eating sweet potatoes.
  • ❄ Lock the value of your beans – Your beans have gone a long way and have the ability to make you very happy. But they are not just some cheap dates. You need to draw inspiration from it. This manual kit has a glass handle that uses “penetration” to slowly pass water through the ground coffee into the carafe below – simple. Wave goodbye to the bitter soil of the bitter machine and bring the scented, sweet coffee into your home.
  • ❄ CHEAP IMITATIONS gives you more price – our pour beer manufacturer is made of 100% BPA-free borosilicate glass. The laser-cut reusable stainless steel mesh filter extracts the maximum taste with minimal effort – simply rinses clean – easy.
  • ❄ Save time – HASSLE and Planet – Going to the store is like a replacement filter for a lemming that may have become a thing of the past. Paper filters not only cost money, but also steal more delicious oils and flavors that can be wasted and damage the environment. Our reusable steel cone filters ensure that your taste buds are finally tasted.
  • ❄ Guaranteed after-sales – if the product you received does not meet expectations. Don’t worry, you only need to send us an email to let us know why, we will refund you immediately. We do not deceive customers and do the best customer service.

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MIKKUPPA Diatomaceous Earth Bath Mat, Fast Drying Non Slip Absorbent Antibacterial Bath Mat for Bathroom, Shower, Floor (23.6×15.7×0.4inch) – Sale Item

MIKKUPPA Diatomaceous Earth Bath Mat, Fast Drying Non Slip Absorbent Antibacterial Bath Mat for Bathroom, Shower, Floor (23.6x15.7x0.4inch)
What Is Diatomite ?
Diatomite is a sediment (a set of particles suspended in water) that was formed from deposits of shellfish phytopiancton (diatomous) in the former ponds and lakes of cetacea (+200,000 to 30 million of years).
In Japan,it is a rockformed almost entirely of aquatic algac.The shells of diatoms have many pores and are known for their ability to absorb and release water (moisture control) as well as their ability to control odors.
The natural material used in this bath mat not only allows it to dry quickly but also allows it to fight against molds and mites.
Diatomite is a porous substance that effectively absorbs water in an instant.Once the bath mat absorbs a certain amount of water,it will naturally dissipate the moistrure as it breathes.Thanks

One Package Include:

  • 1x diatomaceous earth bath mat
  • 1x sandpaper
  • Size:23.6×15.7×0.4inch

    Instructions for use:

    💮 When unpacking, there will be a trace amount of powder on the surface of the product, which is normal in the material, non-product problems.

    💮 Please place the product on the plane. Do not place the product on uneven ground, such as soft ground or large ground, which may cause deformation and deformation of the product.

    💮 Please use the product barefoot, it is easier to maintain hygiene.

    💮 Avoid dropping colored liquid into the product, leaving stains.

    💮 Do not expose the product to the sun.

    💮 If the water absorption is weakened, please place the vents and let the internal water evaporate to restore the water absorption.

    Washing instructions:

    1. Ordinary stains, wipe with a towel dampened with water.

    2. Stubborn stains, use the sandpaper sent inside the product, and polish it in the stain.

    • PURE NATURAL: Diatomaceous earth bath mat is made from natural diatomite without any chemical additives.Naturally product, safe and environmentally friendly.
    • POWERFUL FUNCTION: This Bath Mat is super absorbent, antibacterial, odor, anti-slip and other functions. No matter how moist your feet are, both can dry quickly in five seconds.
    • ANTI-BACTERIA: With alkaline substance inside the diatomite, its special material can prevent mildew and bacteria.
    • EASY TO CLEAN: Just wash with tap water or wipe with a damp cloth or sponge.
    • AFTER-SALES SERVICE: 100% satisfaction guarantee, nothing is more important to us than your satisfaction! Full refund or Replacement is available if you are not satisfied with our bath mat. We know you will love it.

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