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14 oz / 400 ml coffee pot Household glass kettle, high temperature resistant + stainless steel filter

14 oz / 400 ml coffee pot Household glass kettle, high temperature resistant + stainless steel filter

1.MORE SMILES PER CUP – This kit is the easiest way to guarantee an exceptional, delicate taste every time. Any barista will tell you: pour over is the best way to unlock the true potential from your coffee. Your taste buds will be on the receiving end of a flavour fiesta that will leave you grinning like a possum eating a sweet potato. 
2.UNLOCK THE VALUE OF YOUR BEANS – Your beans have traveled long and far and have the capacity to make you extremely happy. But they’re not just some cheap date. You need to charm the flavor out of them. This manual kit has a glass handle and uses ‘percolation’ to slowly pass water through ground coffee into the carafe below – simple. Wave a cheery farewell to bitter, machine-made muck and usher fragrant, sweet, coffee into your home. 
3.CHEAP IMITATIONS COST YOU MORE – Our pour over brewer is made from 100% BPA free borosilicate glass. The laser-cut reusable stainless steel mesh filter extracts maximum flavor with minimal effort – simply rinse clean – easy.  
4.SAVE TIME, HASSLE AND THE PLANET – Heading to the store like a lemming to replace filters can be a thing of the past. Not only do paper filters cost money and steal more delicious oils and flavors, they create waste and damage the environment. Our reusable steel cone filter ensures the flavor ends up on your taste bud.

  • ❄ MORE SMILES PER CUP – This set is the easiest way to guarantee a special, delicate taste every time. Any barista will tell you that pouring coffee is the best way to unlock the true potential of coffee. Your taste buds will appear on the receiving end of the flavor festival, making you grin like a porpoise eating sweet potatoes.
  • ❄ Lock the value of your beans – Your beans have gone a long way and have the ability to make you very happy. But they are not just some cheap dates. You need to draw inspiration from it. This manual kit has a glass handle that uses “penetration” to slowly pass water through the ground coffee into the carafe below – simple. Wave goodbye to the bitter soil of the bitter machine and bring the scented, sweet coffee into your home.
  • ❄ CHEAP IMITATIONS gives you more price – our pour beer manufacturer is made of 100% BPA-free borosilicate glass. The laser-cut reusable stainless steel mesh filter extracts the maximum taste with minimal effort – simply rinses clean – easy.
  • ❄ Save time – HASSLE and Planet – Going to the store is like a replacement filter for a lemming that may have become a thing of the past. Paper filters not only cost money, but also steal more delicious oils and flavors that can be wasted and damage the environment. Our reusable steel cone filters ensure that your taste buds are finally tasted.
  • ❄ Guaranteed after-sales – if the product you received does not meet expectations. Don’t worry, you only need to send us an email to let us know why, we will refund you immediately. We do not deceive customers and do the best customer service.

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appkettle AK000001 Stainless Steel Smart Kettle 1.7L 2400W – Offer

appkettle AK000001 Stainless Steel Smart Kettle  1.7L 2400W
Boil water from any mobile device with the Appkettle. The app is available for free from the Apple and Google Play store.

Favourites mode

Different tea require different brewing temperatures and brew times. With the Appkettle you can save drink type, temperature ( 60ºC – 100ºC) and brew timing for your favourite beverages and then simply “swipe it on” through any mobile device. Appkettle will achieve your selected temperature and will notify you when your drink is brewed perfectly.

‘Just in Time’ Scheduling

With volume sensing, Appkettle uniquely starts water heating before the time scheduled, ready for when you arrive. No waiting, or annoying wake-up messages, you set it for any day, any time and it simply works, ready for you. Appkettle measures volume more accurately (~30ml), temperature more precisely (~1-3 ºC) and is one of the most efficient kettles available.

Control at every Level

As well as the app interface, Appkettle also has manual base controls. These controls include on/off, temperature selection, temperature units (ºC or ºF) and keep warm. The LED and base will also remember the last selected temperature for use next time.

Baby bottle warmer

The baby bottle warmer can be scheduled to boil water for baby bottles to the perfect temperature and then notify you when it is cool enough for baby to drink

Beautiful high quality design

Appkettle is crafted with premium, beautiful materials and fine grade electronic components. Appkettle’s beautifully connected design includes a stylish brushed stainless steel body and base, a world first double glass water window and a crystal clear LED display.

  • HIGH-TECH DOMESTIC KETTLE — Developed from the UK, AppKettle is the result of several years of research and development into sensor and app technologies within small domestic appliances.
  • VOICE-ENABLED KETTLE — This smart kettle is compatible with voice-enabled home hubs and voice assistants, like Alexa.
  • iOS COMPATIBLE — Designed for iPhone 4s or Later with IOS system: 8.0 and above – Works with iPad/iPad mini with 8.0 and above. Notifications are compatible on all smart watches linked with compatible iOS devices.
  • ANDROID COMPATIBLE — Designed for All Android phones with Android system: 3.1 and above – Works with Android tablets 3.1 and above. Notifications are compatible on all smart watches linked with compatible Android devices.
  • 2-YEAR MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY — Shop with confidence. Your Appkettle is covered by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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GLgl Heated electric blanket,Heated blanket Knee blanket Warm blanket office Electric throw Plush heated throw,Gray,85×65cm

GLgl Heated electric blanket,Heated blanket Knee blanket Warm blanket office Electric throw Plush heated throw,Gray,85×65cm
Size: 85*65cm,105*85cm
This product is a lower electric blanket
Cannot be used when wet
Do not allow persons who are unable to take care of themselves, infants or people who are not sensitive to heat
Turn off the power when no one is using
The electric blanket is a Sichuan-type appliance, and electromagnetic induction exists during use, which is a normal phenomenon.
Each type of electric blanket can only use the matching regulator

  • Automatic power-off-Heated Throw Automatic Power Off,Even Forget To Turn Off The Power Is Not Afraid.when Using The Electric Heated Throw,Turn Off The Thermostat,Saving Home Heating costs.
  • Quilted Heated Blanket Well-distributed Heating,Intelligent Downshift,Sleep Safe All Night,No Longer Afraid Of Awakening At Night,So You Have A Comfortable sleep.
  • Waterproof flame retardant fabric,Soft,Comfortable skin-friendly,Not easy to leakage,The elderly can be used,Baby bed wetting is not afraid!
  • Rapid warming,Good insulation,Quickly warming heating about 10 minutes.Since then say byebye to the cold blanket.Ultra-low power,Save more money,Just 1kwh in a night. Meet more people, Rest assured that the use of student dormitory.
  • For easy care,The blanket is fully machine washable and dryer safe.

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