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Wild Republic Polybag Shark

Wild Republic Polybag Shark

An assorted collection of 6 plastic sharks of various colours and species and realistic detail. Irresistible for any child who is interested in aquatic creatures, and especially for playing in the bath.

  • 3 yrs+
  • 6 different sharks approx 17 cm long
  • Pack size 23 x 20 cm
  • A portion of the profit of this sale goes to Abhaya Charitable Fund for disadvantaged children around the world.
  • Big Collection
  • For playing and decoration
  • Phtalate Free
  • Handprinted
  • Realistic looking

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Wild Republic 30cm Cuddlekins Eagle – Top Reduction

Wild Republic 30cm Cuddlekins Eagle
Cuddlekins stuffed animals by Wild Republic are by far the most adorable plush animals currently on the market. 12 inch bald eagle stuffed animal by Cuddlekins with beautiful white head. Dimensions:. Depth: 5. Width: 11. Length: 12

  • Handcrafted
  • Natural looking
  • High quality fabric
  • Soft and cuddly
  • Unique design, non-Toxic

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Wild Republic 10939 CK Octopus Plush Toy, Brown, 30 cm – Discount Price

Wild Republic 10939 CK Octopus Plush Toy, Brown, 30 cm

A soft and cuddly octopus toy from Wild Republic. Its bulging eyes are always on the look out for adventures under the sea and it has enough tentacles to play and cuddle at the same time! A perfect gift for children fascinated by sealife. It comes with a tag attached which includes information about the toy’s species and habitat.

  • Age Newborn +
  • Size 30cm
  • Natural looking
  • Hand-made
  • High quality plush
  • Soft and cuddly

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