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LEGO 75220 Sandcrawler Star Wars – Cut Price

LEGO 75220 Sandcrawler Star Wars
Travel the deserts of Tatooine aboard the mighty LEGO Star Wars 75220 Sandcrawler. Lift open the cockpit to seat the Jawas and turn the wheel at the back to steer the tracks. Open the sides and use the crane to load broken-down droids aboard. Fix them up for a quick sale or throw them in the jail if they misbehave. Lower the ramp and launch the transport vehicle. Then line up the droids for Master Luke. He’s always on the lookout for a bargain.

  • Includes four LEGO minifigures: Luke Skywalker, two Jawas and an RA-7 droid, plus an R5-A2 astromech droid and a medical droid
  • LEGO Sandcrawler features an opening 2-minifigure cockpit, steering tracks, lowering ramp and removable top and side panels for easy play access
  • Interior details include a droid prison chamber, articulated crane for loading droids aboard and runners for offloading the buildable transport vehicle
  • Also includes two Jawa blasters and Luke’s electrobinoculars
  • Turn the gear wheel to steer the Sandcrawler into position and load the droids aboard with the crane to fix them up for a quick sale

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LEGO City Police Mobile Command Center 60139 Building Kit – Bonus Price

LEGO City Police Mobile Command Center 60139 Building Kit
Be part of the action with the LEGO City Police as they stop the crooks escape from the jail Cell in the mobile command center, featuring a detachable truck cab, room for two mini figures, monitoring room with screens, satellite dish, opening roof, side doors and rear ramp, storage area for the motorbike and tools and a jail Cell breakout feature, plus the crooksâ€TM ATV. Includes four mini figures and a police dog figure.

  • ATV measures over 1 (3cm) high, 2 (7cm) long and 1 (5cm) wide, motorbike measures over 1 (3cm) high, 2 (7cm) long and under 1 (2cm) wide
  • Mobile command center measures over 4 (11cm) high, 9 (23cm) long and 2 (6cm) wide, truck cab measures over 3 (8cm) high, 5 (13cm) long and 2 (7cm) wide
  • two police officers and two crooks, plus a police dog figure
  • Includes four minifigures

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