GARDENA Classic Hose

GARDENA Classic Hose, 13 mm (1/2 Inch), 20 m: Universal garden hose of robust cross-weave, 22 bar burst pressure, UV resistant, without system parts (18008-20)

SALE PRICE: £29.99 Durable quality: Given proper use, Gardena provides a warranty for this garden hose for 12 years Multifaceted use: The Gardena classic hose can be systematically supplemented with original Gardena system parts and accessories for simple, multifaceted use...

Gardena 2062-20 Comfort Circular Sprinkler Mambo

Gardena 2062-20 Comfort Circular Sprinkler Mambo, Lawn Sprinkler for Even Watering with Rotating Precision Nozzle Heads for Areas Up to 310 sq m with Integrated Filter, Maximum Sprinkling Range 20 m

SALE PRICE: £26.99 Individual Adjustment: The rotating precision nozzle heads can be used to adjust the desired area individually For Mid-sized to Large Areas: Its sprinkling area with a diameter of 3-20 m enables it to effortlessly water areas of...

Gardena G1892-20

Gardena G1892-20, Standard, Master

SALE PRICE: £107.16YOU SAVE: £0.20 GARDENA offers a wide range of products for all jobs in and around the garden Check Offer Price Product description With the Gardena watering control master, the watering can be particularly flexible and individually planned....