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Toys missing from daycare after fake ad posted

A local home daycare is out thousands of dollars worth of toys after a Kijiji ad was posted offering up free toys as part of the daycare s closing sale. The problem: The daycare wasn t closing, and the person who posted the ad wasn t the daycare s owner. Heaven Stewart said she was on her way home from a cottage weekend on Sunday when she got a call from her daughter about the Kijiji ad offering up the toys at her Bells Corners address.

Stewart said she leaves the toys in her yard for the kids in her care, and the kids at her neighbour s daycare to play with.

There s usually a good group out there, she said. But as of Sunday, Stewart said they were left with nothing.

Everything was gone, she said. I felt angry (at first), but now I m not angry, just hurt and disappointed.

It affects the two children I have full-time, and the other children who come over to use the toys. Among the missing playthings is a large plastic play structure with slides and crawlers worth about ?1,000. The only thing left over from the Kijiji sale carnage is a trampoline but Stewart said it was destroyed, too.

The trampoline was cut, she said.

The total value of the missing toys is estimated by Stewart to be around ?3,000 to ?4,000. The original post offering up Stewart s toys has since been removed from the free classified site, and police are investigating. Stewart posted another Kijiji ad in response to her missing toys that reads: If you did pick up any of the toys from my yard we do not hold you responsible we would just like our toys back for the daycare kids.

She said she s gotten a few toy cars back since that ad was posted. Stewart said she has provided the police with the original Kijiji ad ID number to help them track down whoever was responsible.

Whoever did it, we ll press charges, she said. Stewart said she doesn t know who posted the ad, but has a hunch that it might be related to a neighbour who had called the city s bylaw enforcement to complain about the toys in the yard.

The neighbour called them an eyesore, said Stewart.

Local radio station KiSS 105.3 has already pledged to help the daycare out. A toy drive is being held on Wednesday until 5 p.m. to help replace the daycare s lost toys. Donations can be dropped off at 2001 Thurston Dr.

This morning we are very overwhelmed, said Stewart. I never thought people would care this much.

She said the radio station will drop off the donated toys to her home on Thursday.

Crystal meth instead of Kinder Surprise toy

Surprise! It’s drugs! A five-year-old Northern Irish boy thought he struck gold when he found a yellow plastic shell of an unopened Kinder Surprise at the side of the street in his Belfast neighbourhood. But there was no child’s treat inside — just a small bag of crystal meth.

Police say the boy and his brother smartly handed it over to their father, who turned it in to police.

“As a father of a child, I know how enticing Kinder eggs and their contents are to children,” local councillor Alan Robinson told the U.K. Daily Star1.

“In this instance the children are to be commended for passing the contents to their parents.”

Police are investigating how the drug came to be discarded in the Kinder Egg in the ditch of the street.


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Toy Review: LEGO City and Nexo Knights Construction Sets

Toy Review: LEGO City And Nexo Knights Construction Sets

Images are courtesy of LEGO.

Although the season of outdoor activity is practically upon us, if you get stuck indoors on a rainy day or you have a birthday party to buy a gift for this summer, you can still count on LEGO. What’s more, you don’t have to default to the branded sets based on Hollywood properties such as Star Wars, Marvel Superheroes and The Angry Birds Movie. LEGO has original series, too, that will appeal to brick builders across a wide range of ages. l looked at a couple of examples, courtesy of LEGO, from the LEGO City and Nexo Knights ranges to see how they stack up. Toy Review: LEGO City And Nexo Knights Construction SetsLEGO City, as the name suggests, is a down-to-earth product line that is designed to appeal to builders who want real-world play rather than fantasy. LEGO provided the Fire Ladder Truck (Model #: 601071), which includes 214 pieces. When put together, these comprise the fire truck itself, two firefighter minifigures – one male and one female – and a canister topped by fake flames.
The design of the minifigures in this set is not strikingly original: the man is distinguished by a goatee and the woman by her eyebrows and both are dressed in firefighting gear. When posed for action, one figure can carry a fire hose that projects transparent blue studs and is connected to the fire engine by a string, while the other can hold a mini yellow fire extinguisher. Toy Review: LEGO City And Nexo Knights Construction SetsThis set is pitched at 5-12 year-olds and any child around the middle of that range should be able to build the fire truck independently. Builders at the upper end and beyond might find it too easy. The majority of pieces that the truck is built with are LEGO standards and the square shape of the vehicle’s body ensures that there are few steps in the instructions that involve complicated combinations of bricks. The only unusual part of this model is the ladder support, which is designed to pivot upwards and turn when complete. In total, there are 76 steps in building the Fire Ladder Truck, which makes it a safe choice for children who have graduated to bigger boxed LEGO sets but aren’t quite ready to tackle less conventional toys like the Nexo Knights set I describe below the image. Toy Review: LEGO City And Nexo Knights Construction Sets Launched earlier this year, Nexo Knights is LEGO’s foray into sword and sorcery but with a high-tech twist. LEGO has created a complex good vs. evil mythology around this concept that supports a mobile game, an attractively designed book detailing various comically-themed villains and an animated TV series. The set I reviewed, The King’s Mech (Model #: 703272), is a good example of what Nexo Knights is all about. It’s a giant robot-like suit of armour that holds a huge sword in one hand and a detachable jet-craft in the other. The set also comes with a crossbow-like weapon that is used by one of the minions of the evil Jestro to fire orange studs. That minion – Flamethrower – is one of three minifigures that this set comes with, the other two being King Halbert and the King’s Bot. Toy Review: LEGO City And Nexo Knights Construction SetsHalbert has all the trappings of a medieval king, including a gold crown, a full beard and a cape. His bot, meanwhile, is not a conventional mini-figure. The robot has a traditional knight’s helmet and a crest emblazoned on its chest but the thin arms and legs are metallic and it has a distinctly robotic face. Most of the pieces of the Mech itself push or snap together like classic bricks. Due to the complexity of the finished design, however, this set has a comparatively high number of parts that are non-traditional shapes. Moreover, the Mech’s arms and legs have multiple articulations and therefore require joints similar to those used in Bionicle toys. Some of the 114-steps in the building instructions require a good eye for detail and overall this model took around twice as long as the LEGO City set to build. Hence, it demands more patience. Wisely, LEGO has pitched it at builders in the 8- 14-year age group. The end result is impressive and typifies the spirit of this imaginative series.

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