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Sale Price Original Genius Nicer Dicer Fusion Set 17-Piece Mint Green/Ruby Red Cutting Machine New – Price Drop

Sale Price Original Genius Nicer Dicer Fusion Set 17-Piece Mint Green/Ruby Red Cutting Machine New
This set includes: nicer dicer Fusion, set comes delivered Mint Green 1 x Cutting upper section 1 x Cutting base 1 x Blade insert 2 (6 mm x 6 mm/12 mm x 12 mm) 1 x Small Stifter Capo 1 x XXL blade insert 4 (24 x 24 mm) 1x Large Stifter Daisy Figurine, 1x Knife Insert 3 (Quarter and eighth note) 1 x Cutting stamp 1 x Collecting Box (capacity: 2.5 litres) 1 x Stay Fresh Covers nicer twist ruby set 7 pieces 1 x Handle 1 x Crank cover 1 x Crank base 1 x Mix container 1 x Transparent Cover 2 x Blade attachments includes recipe booklet The extensive nicer dicer Fusion set is an innovative multi product for the modern kitchen and is the ideal aid to the everyday, healthy diet. It offers a wide range of cooking options: Dice or cut food into cubes, quarters, eighths, mincing, whisk, puréeing, chopping and mix – all with just one set. The Nicer Dicer Fusion and the nicer twist are perfectly suited for the fresh preparation of salads, soups, starters, main dishes, desserts and snacks – Speedy and effortless – completely without electricity. Use in the easy and safe to use and after use, everything is space-saving for storage, keeping dirty bristles covered. Highlights of the nicer dicer Fusion: Cutting lid with easy lift feature (Automatic opening mechanism). Even cleaning function The Stifter Aster – practical for restlose cleaning Container with storage lid for direct Hineinsch trimming, convenient storage (Stackable) food, keeping it fresh and transporting. 2 different blade inserts: Extremely sharp stainless steel blade inserts in G Nox quality edgers For simultaneous cutting any kind of food. Easy to replace and folds up to save space. A wide variety of cutting variations: Small and Large Cube, pens, quarter and eighth note. XXL/Blade Inserts for cutting large food. Highlights of the nicer twist: Manual Cutting Control Over The Smart hand crank which make perfect results to the desired – from coarse walking

  • Cutting lid with easy lift function – automatic opening mechanism,
  • Self-cleaning function of the Stifter Aster
  • Collection container with freshness lid for direct Hineinsch cutting
  • XXL blade inserts for grinding large food
  • Extremely sharp blade with stainless steel insert in g NOx quality

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