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Qinuo Home Alaska Three Pass Microfiber Ready Made Privacy Assured Eyelet Curtains Blackout Curtinas Para Sala for Kids Curtains with Two Free Tiebacks (Two Panels 90″×54″, Silver) – Mega Value

Qinuo Home Alaska Three Pass Microfiber Ready Made Privacy Assured Eyelet Curtains Blackout Curtinas Para Sala for Kids Curtains with Two Free Tiebacks (Two Panels 90
2 pieces of 90″x54″curtains,2xW90″is suitable for windows with 72-96″wide.The fabric is made of 100% polyester,fine texture,durable materials,more than 10 years,for the living room,bedroom,dining room,restaurants and other places.
Creative design triple woven fabric,thick fabric can be better drape,two pieces of sewing into the same degree of fine craft,so that curtains maintain a harmonious atmosphere,increase the room of luxury and elegance.
2 Matching Ties included,valued £9.99,now for free gift.
Each curtain has 12 metal rings,the inner diameter is 1.6″(4cm),fully accommodates 1.5″curtain rod.Very easy installation,just slide through your curtain pole.
Can block 80%-90% of the sun and 100% of the UV,the protection of furniture,floor and your art from sunshine damage,to provide a dark interval,can sleep even in the bright day.
They would keep your inside activities from being seen,and you can enjoy the privacy with your family and friends.
Can filter out 40% of the outside noise into the room,creating a privacy and peaceful sleep environment utmost.
The curtains can’t attract any dust and mites,it means the baby will not be exposed to the dust that caused by allergies.
Keep the heat in winter and reflect the heat in the room during the summer,saving heat and cooling costs.
Machine wash 30?,iron and drying,not bleach.Cleaning or steaming to remove wrinkles.

  • READY MADE: Soft 100% polyester fabric, each package includes 2 window treatment panels, both are the equal length and width, the color is silver grey. Each panel measures 90″ wide x 54″ long (229cm x 137cm), 2 x W90″ is suitable for windows with 72-96″ wide. Suitable for living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, baby room, girls room and applies to any place in the office.
  • INSTALLATION: There are 12 metal grommets per panel, outside diameter of the each ring measures 2.4″(6cm) and inside diameter of that is 1.6″(4cm), which perfectly accommodate up to 1.5″ standard curtain pole. Very easy installation, just slide through your curtain rod. BONUS: 2 Matching Tie Backs included, valued £9.99, now for free gift.
  • FASHION: Innovative triple knit fabric, can prevent 80-95% of the light and ultraviolet (darker effect better), protect your furniture, the floor from the sun damage. Exquisite workmanship, feel super soft, so curtains drape better, home decoration, stylish and practical.
  • FUNCTION: Is conducive to maintaining the heat in the winter, reflecting the room heat in the summer, reducing heating and cooling costs, reduce noise, improve the viewing effect, to prevent the outside into the private space, protect privacy.
  • CLEAN INSTRUCTION: After the cold water machine wash, do not bleach, the drum is withered, wrinkles will disappear after hanging for a few weeks, or iron. QINUO HOME specializes in the production of lined curtains, visit the QINUO HOME shop, find your favorite curtains.

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