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Needless Things: Toy Review – DC Super Hero Girls from Mattel

Heroic toy company Mattel and progressive retailer Target have teamed up to show that females can be superheroes, too! On February 28th, an all-new line of dolls, action figures, and role play items launched under the DC Super Hero Girls banner. Focusing on the women of the DC Universe, the line offers new powerful yet feminine interpretations of classic characters like Batgirl, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, and even villains like Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy! Even more importantly, African-American character Bumblebee is featured in a prominent role among the other five white characters! Harley comes with a mallet rather than her usual hammer. I suppose a mallet is cuter and less likely to cause rupta capita. It s cheap Dollar Tree plastic, but it looks fine and the figure can hold it, which is the point. The figures have the same articulation, and it s good. Since these are totally new to Needless Things, I ll run it down: Shoulders swivel/pivot Elbows hinged with a swivel at the top Knees – hinged with a swivel at the top Feet (tops of footwear) swivel A ball joint on the head would have been nice and the lack of an ankle hinge is limiting, but otherwise all of the joints on these figures are solid. I was surprised at the swivels at the tops of the knee joints. I wasn t expecting those. I wouldn t call these figures super articulated, but they have plenty of joints and are fun to pose. Mattel went far above and beyond the cut joints that one might expect from a line of ten dollar 6 figures. They re fun to play with and far better than the Batman v Superman figures that are a similar size and price. I ll go ahead and call the DC Super Hero Girls action figures a revolution. At ten dollars apiece they re a great deal. The quality is not great, but they look neat and distinctive and they re fun to play with. Each design is well-thought-out and appealing. Obviously I can t speak for the age/gender range that is the target audience, but I think these will be a huge hit.
Kudos to Mattel. Not for any social responsibility, but for doing something cool and doing it well. No number score today because I m just not qualified to deliver a definitive verdict.

We-Vibe Nova Review – Little Shop of Pleasures

We-Vibe Nova Review1

03 Mar 2016 /

By Little Shop of Pleasures /

This month we chose to feature Nova2 from We-Vibe, the latest addition to our dual vibrator catalogue. We-Vibe s innovative take on the dual vibrator addresses one of the common complaints of rabbit vibrators- the reach of the clitoral stimulator.

I m going to blow your minds right now- everyone s anatomy is different. I know, it s shocking. Just like everyone s face is distinctive, everyone s vulva is different, and as a result, a toy that works well for one person s body isn t necessarily going to work well for another. As the function of a dual vibrator is particularly dependant on the position of the clitoris in relation to the vaginal opening, finding one that works perfectly for your body can be a challenge.

Another common issue with the clitoral stimulators is their immovability. Thrusting the toy in and out of the vagina, as many people like to do with their toys, causes most clitoral stimulators to lose contact with the pleasure point. Nova s defining feature is a long and flexible clitoral stimulator that is designed to both adjust to the desired position and stay in contact with the sweet spots when the toy is in motion.

The Nova s long external stimulator is designed to curve inward towards the handle, with the outside length of the arm resting against the body. The flexible arm positions easily between the labia, and the resulting tension keeps it pressed in place, even when thrusting the toy. It should be noted that this pressure on may not be appropriate for people who like lighter touch and fluttery vibration.

We-Vibe Nova Review - Little Shop Of Pleasures

The insertable portion of the toy is firm, and curves and swells gently for perfect g-spot stimulation whether applying pressure or thrusting. Nova s handle follows the curve of the insertable shaft to create a grip that feels natural and is easy on the wrists. This whisper-quiet vibe is coated entirely in We-Vibe s supple, velvety-soft medical-grade silicone. Like all We-Vibe products, it is lithium ion battery powered, and fully rechargeable using their updated magnetic charging system. 10 pulsation modes can be controlled over a range of vibration intensities using the user-friendly 5-button interface, or customized using the We-Connect App.

Did I mention that? Each Rave toy is app ready, and will connect with any Android or iPhone through the We-Connect app. The sex toys of the future are here, people. To get a closer look at the We-Vibe Nova, be sure to visit us in-store!


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