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High Power Heat Mat 6 x 11 – 15w (6″ x 11″)

High Power Heat Mat 6 x 11 - 15w (6
Manufactured entirely in the UK, the Habistat heat mats and strips are the worlds best selling style of reptile heater….this newest addition, the high power heat mat has an adhesive back to stick straight on to the tank/terrarium and MUST NOT be covered…..roof or wall mounting only. They are radiant, convection and contact heaters all in one. Highly efficient with ultra low running costs So thin and flat they can be mounted unseen in almost any set-up. They meet all recommended safety standards Postage These items will be packaged and posted out with the view of protecting the products as much as possible and as we would expect to receive them ourselves. They will be sent vis Hermes couriers in UK. Worldwide shipping is available at a reasonable cost for the majority of items where it is feasible to ship. Birmingham Reptiles and Pets thank you for your interest. Please feel free to check out our other items for sale and if you have any queries or cannot find an item you are looking for, please do not hesitate in contacting us.

  • Super burst of Extra Heat for where it is needed
  • Meet all recommended safety standards
  • Must not be covered due to high heat
  • Adhesive – easy to mount to side or roof of tank

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Rock Garden 10 x 10 x 1.25″ Earthtone Corner Bowl, Large – Reduced To Clear

Rock Garden 10 x 10 x 1.25
This Rock Garden earthtone large corner bowl is uniquely constructed made to save space. The corner design provides stability for less tipping and spilling and is easily accessible to critters of all sizes. It has a natural looking earthtone structure that is great for food or water and is durable for any environment. . Rock Garden carries a broad selection of the finest decorative aquarium accessories including rocks (bowls, tunnels, stacks), plants and driftwood sculpture. Featuring both natural and cast resin rocks with decorative plants, they are a safe, healthy and eye-catching addition to any aquarium or terrarium.

  • Unique and space saving
  • Corner design provides stability for less tipping and spilling
  • Natural looking earthtone great for food or water
  • Durable construction for any environment
  • Easy access for all sizes of critters

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Reptile Substrate Liner,Terrarium Bedding or Cage Carpet for Tortoise Lizard – Bargain

Reptile Substrate Liner,Terrarium Bedding or Cage Carpet for Tortoise Lizard

Product Description
It’s designed for reptiles, decorating their habitat as a natural color.
The liner looks hard and scratchy on one side but the other side was soft and plush.

Package includes: 1 reptile substrate carpet

  • roll out reptile carpet and cut to size as needed
  • material of reptile carpet will not irritate reptiles, is a good alternative for juvenile reptiles
  • reptile carpet is processed by a biodegradable enzyme,less odorous
  • reptile carpet is easy to clean with cold tap water
  • AFTER SALE SERVICE: If you are not Satisfied with your purchase, and we will provide full refund, and if you still believe our products, and we will provide a new replacement. We will not ask any question. If you have any questions, please connect us.

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