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Malta Quad Bikes Association petition online to review prices being charged for Gozo trip

Half the Size-Half the Price! This is an online petition that Malta Quad Bikes Association has launched so that Gozo Channel reviews the prices being charged for a day trip to Gozo with a quad bike. The initiative began on Facebook when a number or Maltese quad bikes owners wrote that they should not be charged the full fare.

They also said that large quad bikes are merely half the size of a normal vehicle. “We are not expecting to pay the same price as a motorbike, but the current price does not truly reflect the size of the vehicle.” In the same petition the association doesn’t just speak about Gozo Channel fares but it also wants the support of the general public on priority lanes and bus lanes. The quad bikes owners said that, “it is currently illegal for quad bike riders to use the priority lanes and bus lanes.

This policy needs to be reviewed and changed.

So far this petition was signed by 118 people on and the Facebook group has 803 members.