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Geek-House Kitchen Helper Corn Stripper Remove Corn Kernels Easily – Special

Geek-House Kitchen Helper Corn Stripper Remove Corn Kernels Easily

    Removing corn kernels from cobs has never been easier. Now, we will recommend you a mini car shaped corn stripper, which easy to remove kernels from cobs with a stainless-steel blade, and the stainless steel blade will not rust or dull. The corn stripper has a container that catches the kernels as they are stripped from the cob. It is great to cushion your hand during use with this soft and non-slip grips. The corn stripper comes apart for easy cleaning and all parts are dishwasher safe. Therefore, it is really a wonderful kitchen gadget for choice.

  • Material: hard plastic (shell) and stainless steel (blade).
  • 100% brand new and high quality Stainless Steel Blade Corn Stripper Corn Kerneler.
  • Mini car shaped appearance, very cool and attractive.
  • Metal blade is designed to easily strip corn kernels off cobs.
  • Slide the stripper lengthwise down a cob, and the kernels are quickly cut and collected inside the body.
  • Kernels collects in a 1/2 cup capacity container.
  • Excellent design for cutting kernels off the cob in seconds.
  • Convenient to open the top.
  • Separated container, easy for cleaning.
  • Perfect for peeling corn because of the sharp, serrated, stainless steel blades.
  • Suitable for picnics, BBQ and all sorts corn cooking kitchen duties.
  • Quickly removes corn kernels from fresh corn.
  • Kernels collect in a 1/2-cup capacity container (approximately one cob)
  • Convenient top opening for emptying kernels.
  • Container separates for easy cleaning.
  • Safer than a knife.

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Watermelon Slicer -Bilibala Watermelon Slicer Corer Multi-purpose Stainless Steel Fruit Peeler Fastest Melon Cutter, Useful and Smart Kitchen Gadget, Design that Won’t Cause Injuries (Watermelon Slicer(A)) – Price Special

Watermelon Slicer -Bilibala Watermelon Slicer Corer Multi-purpose Stainless Steel Fruit Peeler Fastest Melon Cutter, Useful and Smart Kitchen Gadget, Design that Won't Cause Injuries (Watermelon Slicer(A))
★SUPERIOR VALUE FOR PRICE: 1 Melon cutter, slicer, corer and server knife + 1 Melon baller scoop & Fruit carving knife(2 in 1) + Bonus 5 Fruit forks.All made from PREMIUM GRADE thick stainless steel. ERGONOMIC DESIGN let you never putting strain on the wrist. Just like a hot knife through butter! ★EASY TO USE & CLEAN UP WITHOUT HASSLES & DISHWASHER SAFE: No need to use half a roll of paper towels to contain the juice that normally cascades over the countertop. You can slice the melon straight out of the rind, which captures all the juice like a bowl. Use the slicer to clean out the rind and replace the watermelon chunks for a creative presentation – use bonus baller scoop & carving knife. ★MULTI PURPOSE FOR A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE: This kitchen tool set is perfect to create some awesome fruit salads that will amaze your family and friends. Feel free to throw in some Berries, Mango, Apple, Grapes, Bananas, Orange, Pineapple, Raspberries, Peaches, Kiwi or Cantaloupe together just like the left picture! ★FAST DELIVERY: When you purchase your watermelon knife slicer and tongs ,your cutter is shipped from the Amazon facility nearest you, and arrives in days, not weeks. ★READY TO EAT HEALTHY, SAVE MONEY & SPEND LESS TIME IN THE KITCHEN? Simply click Add to Cart and get ready to enjoy a watermelon filled summer. Also makes a great hostess gift or housewarming gift. In the unlikely event that you do not just LOVE this product, we will replace or refund your purchase no questions asked through our exclusive 1 year manufacturers guarantee.

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YoHom Premium Cherry Pitter, Zinc Alloy Olive Stoners Corers Pit Remover Tool – Mega Price

YoHom Premium Cherry Pitter, Zinc Alloy Olive Stoners Corers Pit Remover Tool
Product introduction:
– Product Name: Zinc Alloy Cherry Pitter
– Material: Zinc Alloy
– Color: Silvery
– Plating: Chrome

Designs and Features
– Made with solid zinc alloy for years of use.
– Store away neatly using the locking latch attached.
– Fitted with an ergonomic handle for comfort & spring action mechanism, so easy to hold in one hand
– Dishwasher safe on the bottom shelf .
– Can be used on similar sized fruits, for example, small olives.
– Won’t bruise or crush cherries, no mess or wasted fruit.
If you love eating cherries & olives or even baking them in to pies, this must-have kitchen tool is just what you need.

Maintenance and Care Tips
– Please store this product in a ventilated dry place.
– Keep away from corrosive chemical, hard or sharp objects to avoid any damage.

– 100 % Satisfaction Guaranteed.
– If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Package Include:
– High-Quality Professional Heavy Duty Zinc Alloy Cherry Pitter x 1

  • Won’t destroy or squash your cherries whilst preparing to eat or bake. Quick & easy to use without any mess or waste!
  • With a lightweight & ergonomic handle, you can pit fruit after fruit with maximum comfort & no fatigue
  • Made from a dishwasher safe heavy duty zinc alloy with a high shine mirror finish to look good in any kitchen – won’t stain or tarnish! Meet the food safety standards
  • Fitted with a spring action mechanism that reopens ready for each use, minimising the effort you need to prepare your foods. Safely store away using the installed locking latch keeping your drawers neat & tidy
  • This superb kitchen tool can pits any type or size of cherries including wild or sour cherries & even olives. Simply place in the little spot area and gently squeeze. Enjoy the most tantalizing cherry recipes, including cherry pie, cake, cobbler, jam and more

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