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CONTITECH Keilriemensatz, 2XAVX13 x 1050 – Recommended – AVX Sale

CONTITECH Keilriemensatz, 2XAVX13 x 1050

  • Product is identically constructed with the following products by other manufacturers:
    GOODYEAR: 13AV1050HDX2, MAN, MAN 06580472223: 06580732232 6580722232, MAN, MAN: 6580472223 OPTI: 2 / AVX13 x 1050 ROULUNDS A1050: 2 x 3
  • For further questions on accuracy of fit please contact the retailer via the contact numbers on the retailer’s Amazon.
    Please note that the sale price is always dependant on items / Packaging, except if otherwise stated in title.
  • The vehicle identification number or key number can be found in your vehicle registration certificate under points 2.1 and 2.2 (in old vehicle registration certificates, item 2 and item 3)
  • Please be sure to note whether specific restrictions for your vehicle type in the item description below are available.
  • The following genuine Part numbers match this item: 6107313 82DB8N620AA 4147646,,,,, 42520250 A0029978192 0059974492 A0059974492 0099977192,,,,, 977220 A0099977192 0029978192

driven aggregates: angetr. Agg.: Generator in organic
: 7104 230, 7104 231, 518, 7104 7104 221, 7104 265, 5013 317-7104 281, 5013 318-7104 282, 7104 515-7104 519 7104, 520, 525, 7104 521-7104 7104 510, 7104 512-7104 513 7104 7104, 522, 523, 5013 401-7104 529, 7105 529

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Pick Indiana God of Sale Sports Framed Poster Frames Frame Photo Image Wall Decor Home Furnishing Posters – AVX Sale

Pick Indiana God of Sale Sports Framed Poster Frames Frame Photo Image Wall Decor Home Furnishing Posters

  • Frame Material : Fiber (Imitation Wood) 1 inch
  • Glass: Acrylic
  • Type: Unbreakable
  • Poster Material : Glossy Photo Paper
  • Poster Size: A4 21 X 29.7 cms

A picture says a thousand words. Putting those thousand words inside a frame shows your taste of class and sense of style. These framed posters are the perfect ideas for Gifting, Decorating Your office, Home, Living Room, Bedroom, Restaurant, Showroom, Kitchen. The best part about these frames is that unlike traditional photo frames, these are unbreakable. In today’s world, high quality transparent acrylic sheets have replaced glass hence making them easier to handle and transport. The size of the posters is A4 with a frame of 1 inch width surrounding it from all sides. The frame looks and feels like wood but in reality it is imitation wood made of new age fibre, making it light weight and doing away with the problems faced in real wood like dulling, termites, polishing, decaying, moisture and making it weather and age proof. The only drawback in using acrylic instead of glass is that acrylic tends to react with air and begins to lose its glass-like shine and lusture in a few years. But Hey! you should change your posters every few years anyway and we are just a call away in case you want replacement of your acrylic sheet or detect any manufacturing defect in your product. Our helpline number is mentioned on the invoice enclosed with your product.

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