MGIZLJJ Battery Trimmer-Garden TrimmerCordless Trimmer Lawn Trimmer Adjustable Height for Weeding, Mowing, Mowing.

  • 3 Types Knife Battery TrimmerPlastic blade, suitable for trimming young grass; stainless steel blade, suitable for quickly trimming lawns, weeds, small shrubs; manganese steel circular saw blade, suitable for trimming thicker shrub branches.
  • Cordless and LightweightBattery Trimmer – No more tangled cables or extension cords. The mower is completely cordless, so you can mow your entire garden. Metal blade mowers and lawn friendly mowers for weeding, tree trimming, yard and garden grooming.
  • Safe and DurableThe cordless lawn mower dual control switch ensures the safety and durability of the lawn mower. The extra bass noise-cancelling design won’t bother your neighbors. A set of practical gardening tools perfect for weeding in the home, yard and small garden.
  • Adjustable HeightThe height of the cordless lawn mower telescopic pole can be freely adjusted as needed. Therefore, it provides maximum safety regardless of body size and works in a comfortable position to reduce stress on the lower back.
  • Battery TrimmerBrush BladesPlastic blades for trimming young grass; stainless steel blades for quickly trimming lawns, weeds and small shrubs; manganese steel circular saw blades with strong cutting ability to trim thicker shrub branches. The lawnmower does not use any gasoline, saves resources and money, and is environmentally friendly.

Product description

It’s a powerful electric cordless lawn trimmer, trimmer, and even a mini lawn mower – all in one lightweight wireless device
Efficient and powerful: 2 rechargeable batteries extend battery life. The battery reaches 18000RPM speed and wireless working environment. 800W high-power pure copper motor, high efficiency and fast speed.

24V cordless lawn mower technical parameters

Color: red/green
Motor voltage: 24V
Weight: 1.3kg
Battery capacity: 2.0Ah
Feed Type: Automatic
Cutting diameter: 25 cm
2 x Alloy Saw Blades
2 x Stainless Steel Blades
5 x Plastic Blades
2 batteries
1 charger
1 glasses
1 pair of gloves

Colour: Red
Colour: Red