Braun MultiQuick 9 Hand Blender, Mixer, XL Food Processor, Active PowerDrive Technology, Multifunctional Bowl with 0.6L Capacity, 1200W, MQ9187XLI, Black

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About this item

  • POWERDRIVE TECHNOLOGY Finer blending and faster performance for tasty and super smooth results with this small kitchen appliance
  • IMODE TECHNOLOGY Delivers precise results and is easy to use on a variety of tasks. Select your speed setting: pulse, low speed and high speed, to create your ideal recipe with the touch of a button
  • ADVANCED SMART SPEED The harder you squeeze, the more power you get. Featuring an extra-large control button for better handling and comfort
  • SPLASH CONTROL Enhanced splash control technology prevents splashing and keeps your kitchen spotless while making soups or sauces
  • EASYCLICK SYSTEM PLUS You can quickly change attachments as you are cooking; it gives you the versatility to blend, chop, whisk, mash and puree ingredients effortlessly
Weight: 4.54 kg
Dimensions: 37 x 34 x 27 cm; 4.54 Kilograms
Brand: Braun
Model: MQ 9187XLI
Colour: Black
Colour: Black

From the manufacturer

You can do this. And much more.

With the world's largest attachment system.

The MultiQuick 9 reinvents your cooking: now you can do more than you could ever before, even faster than before. If you cook for yourself, your friends or your family – the MultiQuick 9 is the versatile appliance to enhance your creativity in the kitchen.


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Active PowerDrive Technology

Effortlessly tackle the most challenging jobs. Braun’s most powerful and best performing is equipped with a highly efficient 1200-watt motor.

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imode Technology

More precise results at the push of a button thanks to imode Technology. 3 speed mode concentrates blending power into practical power zones.

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ActiveBlade Technology

The world’s first ActiveBlade technology incorporates a flexible shaft that moves the blade up and down resulting in 2x finer blending.

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Advanced SmartSpeed

The more you squeeze the more power you get. Featuring an extra-large control button for better handling and comfort.


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Improved connection to exchange accessories faster and easier.

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Easily whips, beats and stirs eggs, cream, fluffy desserts from low to high speed.

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500ml Chopper

New and improved with 20% faster performance* chops meat, hard cheese, nuts, herbs and even ice cubes in seconds. *vs. MQ30

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XL Food processor

New 3.2l bowl (2.0L working capacity) that chops, slices, shreds, julienne, French fry and even kneads 2 times more dough (500g)*. *vs. MQ70

  1. Carousel 1

    Olive & rosemary focaccia bread

    Use the food processor attachment with its kneading knife to prepare the dough for a tasty focaccia.

  2. Carousel 2

    Spiced carrot & lemongrass soup

    Use the 1.5l food processor attachment to shred the ingredients for our creamy soup with no effort.

  3. Carousel 3

    Poultry marinade

    Use the hand blender with its 350ml chopper attachment to prepare our delicious poultry marinade.

  4. Carousel 4

    Frozen mango, coconut & ginger smoothie

    Use the blending shaft to purée all ingredients for healthy frozen mango, coconut & ginger smoothie.

  5. Carousel 5

    Strawberry & mint granita

    Use 500ml chopper attachment to purée all ingredients for a refreshing strawberry & mint granita.

1 Olive & rosemary focaccia 2 Spiced soup 3 Poultry marinade 4 Frozen smoothie 5 Strawberry & mint granita