DreamWorks Spirit© 70329 Summer Campground by PLAYMOBIL Toy

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  • The toy playset features a cardboard tent to assemble
  • With LED light
  • Contains toy figures of Lucky, Spirit and friends
  • Includes a floating canoe and other accessories
  • With collectable friendship bracelet

Product description

Style Name:Summer Campground

Product Description

Lucky and Spirit are back and ready for new adventures. Since Lucky’s arrival in Miradero, they and the wild mustang have been an inseparable team. This summer, Lucky and her friends are spending time at the summer camp. There is so much to experience here; eating cake, braiding friendship bracelets, watching stars and of course training with Spirit and her horses for the big race. Everyone wants to win the Great Legacy Race, but who will reach the finish line the fastest? In the evenings, the girls sit around a cosy campfire with camp leader Mrs. Hungerford, grill sausages and tell each other stories. Then they slip into the tent and dream of winning the race.
The summer camp playset includes the characters Lucky with horse Spirit, Bebe with horse Sarge and camp leader Mrs. Hungerford, as well as a table with two benches, a telescope and a folding cardboard tent with room for two beds. The campfire has a light module and can be switched on by a push button. For big spirit fans there is a friendship bracelet with horseshoe badges for collecting.

Safety Warning

Not suitable for children under 3 years of age due to the dangers of suffocation caused by small parts.

Box Contains

3 x Playmobil figures, 1 x Guitar, 1 x Maginfying glass, 1 x Lantern, 2 x Horses, 4 x Mugs, 1 x Jug, 3 x Apples, 1 x Bucket, 1 x Canoe, 2 x Oars, 1 x Table, 1 x Box, 1 x Cardboard tent, 1 x Binoculars, 1 x Friendship bracelet, 4 x Horseshoe charms, 1 x Campfire, 1 x Bunting, 2 x Seats, 1 x Stool, 1 x Bench, 1 x Telescope, 1 x Tree, 2 x Sausages, 2 x Hedgehogs, 1 x Hare, 1 x Rabbit, 1 x Bird, 1 x Bow, 1 x Compass, 2 x Pies, 8 x Bands

First Available: 24 Jan. 2020
SKU: B08175B27N
Dimensions: 9.4 x 28.4 x 38.5 cm
Model No: 70329
Type: Plastic
Material: Plastic
Batteries Required: Manufacturer recommended age:
Batteries Included: No