100mm LED Shower Fan Light Kit with Chrome & White Bezel for Steam Moist Damp and Condensation Control Low Noise Bathroom Toilet En-Suite 4 inch Run on Timer and 4.6w MR 16 4000k 12v Angle Light

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  • High power extractor fan that fits standard 100 mm or 4 ” solid or flexible ducting.
  • High power extractor fan that fits standard 100 mm or 4 ” solid or flexible ducting.
  • Used for extracting air from toilets, bathrooms, hobby rooms, sheds & workshops.
  • Up to 187 m3/hour extract airflow rate with a high pressure mixed flow impeller.
  • Long life 240 v mains voltage 33 w motor. 36 dBA sound level at 3 m distance.
  • Requires a live, switched live and neutral electrical connection. This is normally supplied from your household electrical lighting circuits.Everything you need in one box including MR 16 LED Light

Product description

Fantronix best  selling bathroom extractor fan with all the items you need for an extractor system in one simple kit with a built-in LED light. 

Ideal where  good performance is needed for power showers, high condensation, mould and  damp rooms.


At the  heart of the bathroom fan kit is Fantronix FTX-TUBE mixed flow domestic in-line  fan.

Will move up to 187 m3/hour of air with a  noise level of no more than 27 dB(A) @ 3m.

100mm (4″)  connections to fit the ducting supplied.

Ceiling vent with  built in MR16 LED 4.6w 4000k Cool White 12v 360 Beam Angle light and driver.

Supplied with an  adjustable run-on timer (requires live, neutral and switched live electrical  connections).

Comes with anti-vibration mounts ensures low  noise, only 27 dB(A) sound level.

Fitted with  low  energy, efficient 33w motor.

Uses a unique mixed flow  design that reduces air turbulence, noise and  vibration.


High  quality PVC flexible ducting.

Fits over  the internal ceiling mounted vent, FTX-TUBE extractor fan and external wall grille.  Then secured using the ties provided.Internal Ceiling  Vent 


Easy  to retrofit ceiling mounted diffuser vent with built-in LED  light.

Supplied with chrome and white bezel for you to  choose from.

Mini multi cone construction to reduce drafts  and cold spots.

External Wall  Vent

A fixed blade, louvered wall vent with  removable core for easy cleaning.

Fitted with an insect  mesh.

Finished in  white.

4 Ties.

SKU: B085GM3X26
Weight: 2.54 kg
Dimensions: 31 x 30 x 25.1 cm; 2.54 Kilograms
Colour: Shower Fan With Timer & Led Light Kit
Colour: Shower Fan With Timer & Led Light Kit