SATC Zirconia Flap Discs 115mm 20 Pack Aggresive Angle Grinder Sanding Disc 40/60/80/120 Grit, High Density Sanding Grinding Wheel, Type 29

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About this item

  • Extra-long Duration: 115mm flap discs use premium quality zirconia alumina grains and fiberglass only to create the most endurable and sustainable grinding wheels.
  • Univeral Applicability: 115mm x 22mm sanding discs for angle grinder can be adapted to most of the angle grinders available on the market and applied to various surfaces.
  • Perfect for Metal Surfaces: Our high density T29 flap discs are a resillent choice to deal with metal surface sanding and polishing. The sightly angled face design of T29 flap discs enable you to tackle contoured metal surfaces easily.
  • ULTRA VAULE: This value pack contains 10 flap disc of 40 grit, 5 of 60 grit, 3 of 80 grits and 2 of 120 grit. Enable you to deal with a wide range of abrasive work, from grinding to smoothing and polishing.
  • Usage Tips: Our flap discs are designed to operation at maximum 13,300 RPM. Please remember to wear protective equipment and follow ANSL B7.1 when using these discs.

Product Description

Dimensions: 24.41 x 12.9 x 12.5 cm; 1.67 Kilograms
Model: 414
Manufacture: SATC