250 1 Rapid test tablets DPD (25 Strips) for pool testers Chlorine from Palintest/Swimming Pool Spa Water Analysis Pooltest/Chlorine Refill Pack

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  • 250 Reagenztabl bathrooms to determine the free chlorine value in spa & Swimming Pool
  • Suitable for all manual pool test, or water test equipment where Reagenztabl bathrooms centres are kept
  • Easy to chlorine analysis thanks to the colour comparison
  • Palin test is recognized around the world market leader in the water analysis technology is well-represented
  • Not suitable for Photometer (e.g. scuba or scuba II)

Product description

Palin Rapid test DPD 1 tablets for pool test chlorine – Refill Kit – 25 x 10 tablets DPD1
From the worldwide market leader in the water analysis technology palin test – Made in the UK
For a quick and easy testing of the swimming pool and spa water.
These tablets are used to determine the free chlorine levels in swimming pool or hot tub with the help of an appropriate test and sets. The measurements with pills and trial jar offers a exact analysis.
The tablets are quickly soluble It is suitable for all manual pool test or water probes on the market. This you can see to the green lettering to the tablets in blister packaging.
Please note:
Not suitable for electronic Photometer or scuba These tablets. Here for you need with black font on the tablets in blister packaging.
Please contact us if you have to exchange or refund, no question by mail or phone + 49 170 947 80 79 at any time.
This refill kit contains 25 strips each with 10 tablets = 250 Tablets DPD 1 rapid reagents

Dimensions: 9 x 7.6 x 5 cm; 40 Grams
Model: AT 010
Manufacture: Palintest