WILTEEXS Garden Sprinkler, 360°Automatic Rotating Lawn Water Irrigation System, 3 Arm Rotating Water Sprinkler Attachment with Quick Hose Connectors, Sprinklers for Lawns, Yard and Large Areas

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About this item

  • 【2 Spray Patterns Water Sprinkler】 Equipped with 2 different sprinklers, both 360 °automatily rotating sprinkler and and the butterfly-shaped sprinkler can spray water evenly. With 3 adjustable swivel arms and 36 built-in nozzles, it can be irrigated at different angles. And the butterfly-shaped sprinkler can better fit the ground and prevent movement. Make good use of all the water to watering garden well without wasting water resources.
  • 【Lawn Sprinkler with Wide Coverage】 The lawn sprinklers has an effective and energy-saving water lawn irrigation system, Featured with 3 rotating arms and 12 built-in spraying nozzles. Up to 26ft-32.8ft with International Standard Pipes and Water Pressure (2.5bar – 4bar), efficient watering cover your garden. You can adjust the spray speed according to the water pressure. The coverage of watering depends on the water pressure.
  • 【Durable & High Quality Material】 It is made of ABS material. The base is enable to place on the ground stably. Attached with waterproof tape, it is leak-proof. Each jet has three different angles of the outlet and each exit aore uniform irrigation range, Control the distance sprayed by adjusting the water pressure, take good use of all the water to water your garden well without wasting water resources.
  • 【Easy to Use and Installation】Garden lawn sprinkler is equipped with a quick connect adaptor, just connect water joint to the connector and tap. In seconds to start watering instantly without other auxiliary power equipment.
  • 【Widely Application】 The water sprinkler garden can be used for lawn, agriculture, nursery, and lawn irrigation, compatible with homes, gardens, courtyards, roads, greenhouse watering, and cooling. Like any garden sprinklers, this garden lawn sprinkler can also be used for children’s playtime.
Dimensions: 22 x 21 x 9 cm; 320 Grams
Manufacture: WILTEEXS

Product Description

garden sprinkler
gerden sprinkler
gerden sprinkler

Garden sprinkler
Packing Included

1x Base Plate

1x 3 Arm Sprayer

1x Butterfly Rotary Sprayer

1x Waterproof Tape

2x Quick Hose Connector

1 x 3/4”Male Thread Connector

1x 3/4”Female Thread Connector

1x User Manual

WILTEEXS Garden lawn sprinkler

1.Material: ABS Plastic & Rust proof polymer

2.Sprinkler size:Diameter 9.8"x Width 8.3"x Height 3.9"

3.Water spray pattern:360 Degree automatic rotation

4.Dynamic principle: 3 arm automatic constant 360 degree rotating action without other auxiliary power equipment just by household water supply pressure

5.Water spray range: Spray diameters up to 32.8 – 49.2 ft under 80 PSI

  • Widely Applications
  • Be used for garden lawn, agriculture and nursery irrigation, compatible with home, garden, yard, roads, greenhouse watering, and cooling.

Garden sprinkler

Garden sprinkler

garden sprinkler

Stable and durable

Unlike traditional sprinklers, this upgraded version of the sprinkler base is more stable, always in place during use, and is made of high-quality ABS plastic, which does not fade or rust.

2 Attachment nozzles

This garden sprinkler is equipped with two different nozzles, you can choose different sprinkling modes according to your spraying needs.

360°Adjustable Function

Each vibrating arm can rotate 360 °degrees, you can choose 3 water outlets, four water outlets, or five water outlets according to the water pressure, and adjust the spray range according to the water pressure.

garden sprinkler

Fit for 2 kinds of garden hose

First kind: If your hose came with a screw thread, just directly connect the garden hose to the lawn sprinkler to use.

Second kind: If your hose was a traditional rubber hose, install the quick connector fitting into the lawn sprinkler first, then connect your traditional rubber hose.


You can choose 3- arm sprayer head or butterfly rotary sprayer according to your needs.

garden sprinkler