Sylvanian Families – Marshmallow Mouse Family

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About this item

  • Well-made with fine attention to detail
  • Good for stimulating imaginative role-play in children
  • A 4-figurine set containing the Father, Mother, Girl and Boy
  • The figurines can be posed by moving the head, arms and legs

Product description

Style Name:Single

Product Description

Bernard the Marshmallow Mouse father isn’t very good with details, but he loves making delicious food with his homemade cheese collection for his family. Bianca the Marshmallow Mouse mother is incredibly organised and excellent at playing chess. She runs the grocery market, where sylvanians visit to buy the freshest food in the village. Christopher the Marshmallow Mouse son has a very good memory, although he’s not so good at maths. He’s very precise and can remember everything about things that have happened. Katherine the Marshmallow Mouse daughter is very good at maths but she’s a bit forgetful. But she’s not too worried – her brother Christopher remembers everything, so she can always ask him.

Safety Warning

Warning not suitable for children under four years. Choking hazard – small parts.

Dimensions: 3.5 x 4.4 x 8.5 cm; 50 Grams
Model: 5308
Material: Plastic
Colour: Various
Batteries Required: No
Batteries Included: No
Age: 36 months – 12 years
Assembly: No
Colour: Various
Material: Plastic

From the manufacturer

Marshmallow Mouse Family

Mother Bianca Marshmallow is an incredibly well organised mouse, and runs the Grocery Market in the village. Her store stocks a great variety of every day necessities, so the Sylvanians are always visiting to pick up essentials they may have run out of. Bianca is also very good at chess, which is one of her favourite hobbies.

Father Bernard Marshmallow isn’t very good with details, so isn’t as organised as his lovely wife. However when it comes to his homemade cheese collection he knows the recipe for every single variety and loves to make delicious cheese dishes for his whole family. Bernard's biggest dream has recently come true, and he has opened his very own Pizzeria in the village, with a four-cheese pizza as the chef’s special!

Sister Katherine Marshmallow is a very clever young mouse, and is excellent at maths and science. However she can be quite forgetful. Katherine sometimes helps out at her mother’s shop on Saturdays, and while she can add up the grocery prices very easily, she can often forget how much things cost! Brother Christopher Marshmallow is the complete opposite of his sister. He has an excellent memory, and can remember every ingredient of his father's prized cheese recipes. But ask him to work out the recipe quantities, or to convert the oven temperature, he can sometimes get stuck – maths is not Christopher’s strong point!