SUSSURRO 38” Fire Pit Mat- BBQ High Temp Mat Heat Resistant Round Under Grill Mat Fireproof Splatter Mat Reused Burning Stove Fireplace Mat for Outdoor Backyard Lawn Grass Camping

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About this item

  • Large Size: This is 38” diameter fire pit mat which is big enough to protect your patio from grease splashes or scorch marks when using a fire pit or barbecue. Also mat folds easily for more convenient storage.
  • Two Layers Fire Pit Mat: Made of two layers of updated heat-resistant fabrics, the first layer is mainly for heat insulation and fire prevention, reducing heat transfer; the second layer is mainly for insulating the air, preventing fire and stopping burning.
  • Use Method: Put the reflective side of the mat on top, and for added safety on your wood deck please raises the fire pit to a total of 10” above the deck. The pad is actually cool to the touch. No more concern about heat-induced wear and tear on the patio.
  • Widely Application: Fireproof/ heat resistant mat is easy to use and perfect for those with outdoor BBQs pit fires or wood burning stoves. Protect your lawn and decking with to his handy gadget. And it’s foldable, you can take it with you to barbecue.
  • Highly Heat Resistant: It can withstand high temperatures of up to 1022°F, so there is no need to worry about your grass being hurt. But please do not put the fire source directly on the mat.

Product Description

Effect of BBQ High Temp Mat

Grass without using barbecue mats will turn withered under high temperature, which will affect the appearance and is also very dangerous.

Putting a fire pit mat under the grill will not only not damage the lawn, but also avoid the risk of fire caused by high-temperature ash falling on the lawn. Our mats have 36/38 inches for you to choose from, and are suitable for most grills.

Do Not Touch the Fire Source Directly

The mat is heat-resistant but do not touch the fire source directly, and do not put the torch that has not burned out on the mat.


Please prevent the fire source at a distance of 10 inches above the mat. Do not put the stove directly on the mat. Keep a safe distance, so even if the flame falls down, it is safe even if there is a distance.


The mat is waterproof, so it can be used even if there is water stains on the grass/wooden boards/glass


Whether it is ashes or oil, you can easily wipe it off with a wet towel. Because of the waterproof layer on the surface, stains cannot penetrate into the mat and can only stay on the surface.


The reflective side of the surface has a fireproof layer, which is resistant to high temperature, which can protect your lawn/glass/wood from high temperature damage

Dimensions: ‎30 x 28 x 4.4 cm; 720 Grams
Part: ‎MLCFKOBS287
Manufacture: ‎SUSSURRO
Reference: ‎MLCFKOBS287