Sekey PVC Privacy Protection Mat Privacy Protection Reinforced Weatherproof Reinforced privacy for garden, balcony and terrace, with structured surface, with cable ties, 120 x 300 cm, anthracite

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  • ➤ DURABLE PVC MATERIAL WITH REINFORCED SUPPORT: Glued plastic pipes of high quality offer the required stability (no recycled PVC material). Stronger stability with additional supports in each tube. This makes the protective grille stronger, more durable and windproof than other hollow PVC pipes.
  • ➤ BEAUTIFUL TEXTURED PIPE SURFACE, PERFECT DECORATION AND VERSATILE APPLICATION: The convex lines on the pipe surface can not only increase stability, but also prevent scratches and bends. They serve as a design element, privacy screen and decoration for balcony, garden, terrace and much more.
  • ➤ ANTI UV, RESISTENT: The PVC material is not only weatherproof and UV-resistant, but also quick-drying and mold-resistant. It is washable and waterproof. The privacy screen easily withstands seasonal weather influences. A great alternative to conventional bamboo / reed and wicker mats – no rotting and no risk of mold.
  • ➤ BREATHABLE, GOOD VISUAL PROTECTION: Gaps between the tubes: 1mm-2mm. It can circulate air ideally. The gaps are narrow, so that unwanted looks are effectively prevented. With the natural-looking colors, the privacy screen adapts perfectly to the respective environment.
  • ➤ EASY TO INSTALL, EASY TO SHORT: Simply attach to a railing or similar using cable ties (included in the scope of delivery). Slightly shorten the width and height with a knife or scissors.

Product Description

A privacy fence offers many uses and can serve many purposes. Whether as a wind or privacy screen on the balcony or at the garden fence, as a design element or as a separation of usable surfaces in the garden, such as the storage room for waste bins – the robust all-rounder made of PVC fulfils every task. It is also suitable for sports facilities, at trade fairs or exhibition areas. The mats are made of weatherproof and UV-resistant PVC and are best suited for covering garden fences, balcony railings and terraces. It can be used outdoors all year round and is mould resistant. With its natural looking colours, the privacy screen adapts perfectly to the environment. Please note that the product material is PVC, the hardness is medium and can be bent by strong force. Different from wood materials.

Sekey PVC privacy screen.

Ideal decoration for garden or balcony.


Durable, anti-ageing, weatherproof, UV-resistant, not easy to fade, mildew resistant, waterproof, washable.

High-quality PVC privacy screen with internal reinforcement:

Product details:

Colour: anthracite. Choice of height: 80 cm / 90 cm / 100 cm / 120 cm. Choice of length: 3 m, 4 m, 5 mGSM: 1.4 kg / ㎡ Slats: approx. 14 x 4.3 mm. Slat thickness: approx. 0.43 cm. Intermediate spacing: approx. 10 cm. Distance between pipes: 1 mm – 2 mm. Includes fastening straps.

  • Sun protection, privacy protection, UV protection.
  • Easy installation with cable ties (included).
  • Beautiful, textured, wear-resistant surface.
  • Durable PVC material with reinforced support

Easy to install.

Easy to attach to railings or fences with cable ties. (Do not tighten the cable tie too tightly as this may cause the item to break.)

Easy to shorten

The fence can be easily shortened at any point with a knife or scissors. Cut-outs can also be easily removed.

Package contents:

1 x roll of PVC privacy fence, 1 x pack of cable ties, 1 x installation instructions (English language not guaranteed).

Help with installing and shortening the privacy screen:

There are numerous mounting options: Our distribution of the mounting brackets shown here is just an example. Depending on the type and location of the fence and the type of soil, use sufficient fixing clips or alternatively cable ties.


To ensure your privacy mats stand up to all weather conditions, we recommend the following:

The height of the privacy screen should not exceed the height of the fence over 5 cm.

Use the clips (B) to secure the fence (A) approximately every 30-50 cm. The sparse the railing is, the smaller the distance required for the cable ties. In this case, a clip should be used every 30 cm.

Do not pull the cable ties too tight.

The installation of the fence requires a stable and firm contact level.


Work the mat horizontally.

Select the slat to be removed.

Attach the connecting cables well to this slat with super glue.

Cut the cords of the next 2-3 slats and remove the protruding slats.

Tie the cords again if necessary.

Please note:

The Sekey privacy screen made of PVC should be mounted on a flat surface. The mat should protrude a maximum of 5 cm beyond this surface (e.g. a fence). Otherwise, there is a risk that the hoses of the mat break off in the wind. Since we fix the rope with adhesive, slight adhesive marks may occur.

Leave 2-3 additional tubes for the desired mat length so that the thread is not cut too tightly. Carefully loosen the tubes one by one and tie the ends of the thread together. Dark parts will be a little brighter when they are bent.

Dimensions: 126.5 x 16 x 15 cm; 6.28 Kilograms
Part: 35112037
Manufacture: Sekey
Reference: 35112037