Microfibre Spray Mop for Floor Cleaning – MANGOTIME Floor Mop with Spray for Laminate Wood Vinyl Ceramic Tile Hard Floors Kitchen, Dry Wet Mop with 3 Washable Replacement Pads 410ml Refillable Bottle

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  • Upgraded Mop with Fully Sealed Bottle & Fine Nozzle – MANGOTIME Floor Mop with Spray has been improved considering our customers’ demand. 410ml enlarged water tank can easily clean 100㎡ room without refilling the bottle. Tightly sealed bottle avoids the leakage problem. The fine nozzle spray mist evenly and fast. Once you squeeze the trigger, the water/cleaning solution will atomize rapidly within 0.1s and spray up to 100cm, which makes your cleaning work more efficient and easier.
  • Efficient Dry&Wet Cleaning Microfiber Pads – Our wooden floor mop comes with 3 premium microfibre mop pads for replacement. Based on the its high density performance, the pad features with strong absorption and decontamination. Our mop can be used as a dust mop and wet mop. For dry cleaning, it can be used to attract dust, hair, particles and crumbs without scratching floor, while for wet use, it can make your floor clean and sparkle without leaving water marks. Gently protect your floor.
  • Save Money and Effort – Microfibre pads are washable and reusable, it can be washed up to 200 times and reused for a long time, which replaces the disposable pads, and the laminate floor mop is easy to maneuver, you can easily control the amount of water by squeezing the responsive trigger, cutting down unnecessary waste and expense and saving efforts. It’s very friendly to people with arthritis. Suitable for all types of floor including hardwood, laminate, vinyl, tile, wood, marble, etc.
  • 360° Swivel Head Allows to Reach All Corners – The spray mops for floors feature with 360 degree flexible swivel head, which can easily get into crevices and narrow spaces like under bed, sofa, cabinet, and other hard-to-reach area, making dirt no place to hide. The mop pad measures 16.5×6.5in which covers a large area of the floor so it saves half of time than traditional mops while cleaning floor. Perfect cleaning mop for home, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, office, etc.
  • More Humanized Details Make Cleaning Easier – Aluminum alloy rod of microfiber mop is sturdy and anti-rust. Extra bonus scraper is practical. The toothed edge of scraper can help you remove the hair and debris on mop pads effortlessly, the flat edge can squeeze the excess eater on the pad, and the top can be used to remove stubborn stains on the floor. The refill mop head is attached to the mop frame firmly by Velcro, won’t fall off from the mop during using, and it’s easy to replace.
SKU: B0924L28J5
Dimensions: 41.7 x 19.2 x 10.4 cm; 830 Grams
Manufacture: MANGOTIME
Reference: sfp-001

Product Description

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MANGOTIME Upgraded Microfibre Spray Mop – Improved quality, enlarged tank, fully sealed bottle. PROFESSIONAL SPRAY MOPS FOR FLOORS , CARE YOUR FLOOR AND EASE YOUR HOUSEWORK. One MANGOTIME Spray Mop meets all your needs in cleaning.

410ml Enlarged No Leak Bottle: We enlarge our bottle capacity to meet our customers’ requirements. Larger bottle reduces the number of times you refill water/cleaning solution. And we also strengthen the seal performance of the bottle, no leaking issue any more!

Attract Dust & Hair: Microfibre floor mop cloths have millions of microscopic fibers that easily pick up dirt, dust, pet hair, crumbs, etc. Perfect for house owners with kids or pets who always cause messes in the house. You can tackle all the messes anytime and anywhere.

Suitable for All Types of Floors: Premium and soft microfibre mop head is safe to use on all types of floor including hardwood, laminate, vinyl plank flooring, tile, wood, marble, glass, etc. You can rest assured to use our versatile spray mop.

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Core of the mop – The mop pads

  • Reusable material, 1 microfibre pad equals to 200x disposable pad. Say goodbye to one-time pads.
  • Machine and hand washable, after you finish your cleaning work, throw it into the machine for next use.
  • Super absorbent, easily picks up dirt and hair on the floor, absorb and lock water, protect your floor from getting damp.
  • Soft material, it's soft enough to protect your floor from being scratched when you use it for dry cleaning.

All-in-one solution spray mop


Handle Length: 47.2 in

Mop Head Dimension: 16.5×6.5 in

Bottle Capacity: 410 ml

What's in the box:

1 x Spray Mop

3 x Microfiber mop pads

1 x water tank

1 x scraper

  • Lightweight and flexible
  • 360° swiveling head
  • Replaceable mop pad
  • Easy installation
  • One hand operation
  • Spray evenly and fast

spray mops for floors

laminate floor mop

spray mop with washable pads

Spray Slightly and Evenly

The fine nozzle technique makes the water sprayed is slight and even. So you needn't worry about wasting too much water. You can freely control the amount of water released. With spray mop you won't need carry a heavy bucket of water any more. And the large spray area makes cleaning more efficient.

All-Around Cleaning

The flexible floor mop head can freely rotate to different angle, which allows the mop with spray clean around hard-to-reach areas. Easily get into all the nooks and crannies under your furniture. You won’t have to strain your back to move the heavy furniture. It ensures your home is fully cleaned.

Reusable Washable Pads

The microfibre pad is hand and machine washable. It means that it could be reused for many times. After you finish the house cleaning, just throw it into the washing machine for next use. And the scraper can help you remove the hair and debris on the pad firstly before washing the pad.


aluminum alloy handle


water tank

Responsive trigger is easy to maneuver. Once you squeeze the trigger, the mop will spray within 0.1s. The hanging design makes it easy to store.

Enhanced aluminum alloy handle. It's durable, sturdy and anti-rust. The pole can withstand frequent use, won't break easily.

Multipurpose scraper. Use the flat edge to squeeze water, toothed edge to remove dust hair, the spatula to remove the stubborn stains, and brush to scrub dirt.

Enlarged 410ml bottle, you can add water or cleaning solution. Please noted that don’t add strong acid, alkali detergent or hot water into the bottle.


Installation Instructions:

1.Press the white button to connect the three poles together.

2.Insert the bottle into the sprayer.

3.Connect the lower handle with the mop base.

4.Attach the microfibre cleaning pad on the mop base.

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