Kollea Weather Station with Outdoor Sensor Wireless , Digital Hygrometer Weather Stations Forecast With Large LCD Touch Screen, Alert Indoor Temperature Humidity, Perfect for Home, Office, Nursery

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About this item

  • 2 in1 Digital Weather Station: Your personal weather station offers you an accurate service. You can set the time in 12H / 24H and temperature in ℃ / ℉; There is always access to the previous 12h humidity data history and record of MAX MIN values; A frost warning will display to remind you to dress accordingly. It would be a great gift for your parents and friends. ATTENTION:Please set the time ZONE to -1 to get BST.
  • 60M Effective Connection Distance: Kollea wireless weather station ensures an accurate data reception even when you place the outdoor sensor 60m away from the host. Both the host and sensor can be situated free standing or attached to a suitable solid. (Screws, plugs & batteries supplied).
  • Support up to 3 Channels for External Sensors: The quality weather monitor can capture up to 4 sets of humidity and temperature data simultaneously with only one host. One sensor corresponds to one channel. Press the ‘’CH’’ button to switch 1-2-3. And the host can also be a sensor to record indoor data. The IPX4 sensor is ideal for nursery, bedroom, wine cellar, workshop, kitchen, and basement. Note: Kollea weather station comes with only 1 external sensor in the package.
  • LCD Touch Screen with Backlight and Bold Font for Easy Reading: The improved 3d touch display makes it much faster to use and is less likely to be affected by the angle of view. Besides, the font is big and highlighted in bold for a easier reading by seniors/children. The radio-controlled clock with backlight allows you to easily check the time day and night. ATTENTION:Please set the time ZONE to -1 to get BST.
  • Caring for your Home: Influenza began to frequent, especially during seasonal changes;Abnormal humidity in the room can cause fever or depression, as well as respiratory diseases. Kollea weather station can provide you with a real-time monitor for temperature and humidity. Issuing a data change warning allowing the user to create a more comfortable environment.
Weight: 380 g
Dimensions: 15 x 3 x 12 cm; 380 Grams
Brand: Kollea
Model: AHFL 433 B2

Product Description


Indoor & Outdoor Detection Range

Humidity: 20%RH ~ 95%RH

indoor temperature: -9.9 ° C ~ + 50 ° C

Outdoor temperature: -40 ° C ~ + 60 ° C

NOTE: temperature outside the detection range shows HH.H or LL.L.

What it can help you with your whole week?

Ideal for a better life: You can prevent the growth of mold and bacteria in good time by finding out about the temperature and humidity of the past 12 hours and preparing for the bad weather .

Private weather station for you: no longer have to worry about whether you need to bring an umbrella or not. You can choose clothes for your kids based on temperature and humidity forecast when you go out.


Unique Design Switch Window Prompt / Ventilation Tips

The wireless weather station with remote control sensor is suitable for any table position or wall hanging. You can place the screen in your home, office, bedroom, nursery or conference room.

Warm tips:

Maximum transmission distance between sensor and base station: 60 meters (open area)

Make sure that both devices are at least 2 m away from all electronic devices that could interfere with wireless communication (e.g. televisions, microwaves, radios, computers, etc.)




12 Hours of Data Recording

Indoor humidity data records for the past 12 hours,it can help you to provide you base option for plans and change clothes reasonably.

Radio Control Clock

It automatically receives MSF/DCF/WWVB signal at 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 every morning to calibrate the time. Enjoy a energetic morning.

Easy to Use and Convience

The host and the sensor both equipped support that have 45 degree adjustable angle.Can be placed on your bedside table, side table or office desk .


Pay attention to the weather and take care of your families. Enjoy life every day.

The host equipped with 3*AAA Batterry & Sensor equipped with 2*AAA Batterry(included)

Low Battery Indicator:

Low battery, please replace the battery in time.

Humidity Warning:

Humidity warning display when indoor humidity≥89% or ≤29%.

Humidity Difference Between Outdoor&Indoor:

More wet: Outdoor humidity minus indoor humidity ≥5%

No change: The difference between outdoor and indoor humidity is less than 4%

More dry: Indoor humidity minus outdoor humidity ≥5%

NOTE: One sensor corresponds to one channel. A host can support up to 3 sensors. Kollea weather station is only equipped with one sensor.

Delivery Content:

1 x LCD digital monitor display

1 x wireless remote sensor

5 x AAA Batterry

1 x user manual