ZORNIK Mosquito Killer Lamp,360° Non-Radiation Insect Trap,Killer Electric Lamp and Fly Killer Lamp USB Power for Bedroom, Kitchen, Office, Home(Black)

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  • [Powerful Insect-killing Function]: The insect trap has ultraviolet light bulbs, which can attract mosquitoes/moths/flies and other small insects. It attracts mosquitoes through ultraviolet light, and uses a built-in fan to suck mosquitoes into the trap, which can successfully capture the mosquitoes.
  • [Effective use]: When using the electronic insect killer, it is best to turn off or reduce the other light to avoid interference from other light sources (such as fluorescent lights, TVs, light outside windows, etc.). Avoid strong winds (such as electric fans, air conditioners) blowing directly on the machine. When this product is used in a closed space, it can achieve an ideal mosquito trapping effect.
  • [Safety and Ecology]: Compared with traditional mosquito repellents, insect traps are harmless to humans and pets. The insect trap does not have a power grid and will not cause harm to children and pets. It is smokeless, odorless, non-polluting, non-toxic and harmless, suitable for home use, and safe for human health and the environment.
  • [Beautiful Appearance]: The insect trap has a beautiful appearance and is made of PP material, which is light and firm as a whole, environmentally friendly and harmless. It can be used to decorate bedrooms, kitchens or offices, and is more beautiful than fly paper or other insect traps.
  • [Quality Assurance]: There are problems with the insect trap during use, you can contact us at any time, and we will help you solve the problem with high-quality service. For any problems that occur with the product, we can provide you with a satisfactory solution.

Product description

Colour Name:Black


1. Plug in the USB power supply DC 5V. Press the power button to start to use.

2. When the electronic bug zapper is used for the first time, it is recommended to keep it on for more than 48 hours. 

    During this period, do not open the mosquito storage box to prevent the undehydrated mosquitoes from escaping. 

    It is recommended that the mosquito storage box can be cleaned once after 3-5 days of use.

3. Place the electronic bug zapper about 1 meter away from the ground. The darker the light in the mosquito-killing place, the better the effect. 

    Avoid interference from other strong light sources, and the mosquito-killing effect in a closed space will be better.

4. When cleaning up mosquito remains, please cut off the power first, and then remove the mosquito storage box.

5. Pour out the mosquito residue and wipe the debris on the fan blades of the machine body to prevent the fan blades from jamming. 

    Regular cleaning will help catch mosquitoes.

6. After cleaning, align the card position of the mosquito storage box with the card slot on the body, rotate the mosquito storage box to the right, and use it after hearing the sound and confirming that it is tight.


Precautions for correct use

1. When using electronic bug zapper, it’s better to turn off the light or weaken the light in the mosquito trap area to avoid interference from other light sources

    (such as fluorescent lamps, televisions, light outside the window, etc.), which will affect the mosquito trapping effect. 

    Avoid strong winds (such as electric fans, air conditioners) blowing the machine directly. 

Dimensions: 22.3 x 13.3 x 13 cm; 530 Grams
Manufacture: ZORNIK