X-SOCKS Men’s Run Speed Two Socks Socks


  • Specially designed for men, These socks protect and ventilate your feet even better to maximize your running performance
  • The Instep Protector With extended air Cool stripes fits perfectly on your instep, minimizing pressure and maximizing airflow
  • 100% Synthetic
  • Run Speed Two Socks
  • XS-RS16S19U
  • The ventilating system reaches the sole of the foot via the Air-conditioning Channel 4.0

Product description

1. With their optimally combined ventilating and protective functions, these X-Bionic 4.0-Generation men’s Socks Are Perfectly suited for medium- and long-distance races. 2. Compared To previous models, you can expect even more comfort and Performance-Enhancing precision. 3. The newly designed Air-Conditioning Channel 4.0 is embedded in the densely knit material to Ventilate the Soles Of The Feet. The instep Protector with extended air Cool stripes provides air conditioning for the back of the foot and simultaneously protects the instep against pressure and Friction. 4. The comprehensive cushioning system also includes the high-performance airflow Ankle Pads 4.0 at the ankle and the shape-optimized Lamberts-Nicholson Achilles Tendon Protector 4.0 above the heel.