Stone Banks Snow Foam Lance Car Wash Soap Foam Gun Washer Touch-Less with Adjustable Nozzle, Sprayer Soap Dispenser Bottle 1L for High Pressure Washer of Bosch Aquatak Aqt New Type/Black & Decker

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About this item

  • 【Convenient & Effective】-Mixing car polar wash and water, then shake the snow foam lance compatible with Bosch, it will produce soft fluffy snow foam, and spray to the part you need to clean. Then just use tap water to rinse it clean.
  • 【Protect Car Surface】-Snow foam attached to the surface of the car, the thick foam could melt dirty on the paint, thus it reduces swirl marks and scratches.
  • 【Adjustable】-Top nut of the foam cannon can be rotated to control the amount concentration of the foam. The direction of the “-” sign means that the bubble gradually thickens. Rotating the nozzle angle can adjust the spray shape. The flatter the iron sheet of the foam nozzle, the larger the fan angle of the sprayed foam.
  • 【Durable】-All metal parts of snow foam lance suitable for Black and Decker are made by copper, all nozzle and connectors have rubber rings, and the bottle is made by strong PA material. So the foam cannon could be used in long time.
  • 【Commodity Commitment】-The jet washer foam cannon warranty period is one year. If you have any question about the product, contact us any time and we will give you a satisfied customer service.

Product Description

Applicable Models

Are you looking for suitable snow foam lance? We can offer it, here is your best choice!

Our snow foam gun lance bottles are delivered in the form of accessories, not a whole. When you receive the package, you need to assemble it by yourself.

Please confirm your pressure washer machine model and size of the spray lance before purchase.

  • Bosch Aquatak AQT New Type(normally after 2013):

33-10, 33-11, 35-12, 37-13, 40-12, 42-13, 45-14, 45-14X


  • Black & Decker, Skil 0760 / AR Blue
  • INTERSKOL: AM120/1700, AM130/1800, AM140/2000, AM100/1300, AM120/1500, AM130/1700
  • ASDA


ItemCar foam cannon
Construction MaterialSolid brass, durable plastic
Pressure Range100 bar – 200 bar (1400psi – 3000 psi)

Why choose this snow foam lance?

  • Easy to install, car foam cannon can be directly connected with a Bosch Aqt New Type pressure washer gun
  • Producing nice and thick foam helps clean the vehicle faster
  • Each pressure washer foam cannon is equipped with adjustable nozzle and durable connector
  • Adjustable spray nozzle allows you to adjust the pressure size of foam/water as needed
  • The bottle is solid and durable, anti-fracture. so it won't be broken easily
  • There is well sealing on the spray nozzle, no leakage

How to use this snow foam gun?

1. Fill the foam bottle with detergent/ soap/ shampoo or ultra foam cleaner. (Suitable for most cleaning fluids.)

2. Attach the bottle to foam lance unit

3. Shake the snow foam lance to make the shampoo dissolve and more foam

4. Attach the connector/adapter to pressure washer gun, then you can start playing with it

5. The detergent dose can be adjusted easily on the top black knob. Adjusting the top knob of foam cannon soap dispenser 1L from the "+" limit to the "-" limit, which can maximize the foam

6. The jet range can be adjusted easily on the spray nozzle. Adjusting the nozzle angle of the car foam cannon at the front can realize the spray change from "water column shape" to "fan shape"

Package List

1x Foam lance with Bosch adaptor

1x PA bottle (1000ML)

1x Waterproof tape

How to maintain it

  • After each use, please let the top knob of the snow foam lance from the "-" limit to the "+" limit, and then let the high-pressure water spray continuously from the foam bottle until the sprayed water is clean.
  • This could be effectively avoid adjustable foam lance damage caused by internal blockage of the foam maker and extend its life. If you suddenly fail to produce foam during use, please don't panic. It is largely because the foam maker is blocked by the car washing liquid/detergent.
  • You could buy a new foam maker from the StoneBanks's store to replace it by yourself. If you have any product questions, please contact StoneBanks's worker in time.

Dimensions: ‎22.6 x 12.4 x 9.2 cm; 480 Grams
Part: ‎SB-113
Manufacture: ‎Stone Banks
Reference: ‎SB-113