Slush Puppie 9047 Slushie Machine, Plastic

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  • Official Slush puppie Merchandise
  • Slush puppie machine parts included in The Box – lid, ice shaving chamber, mixing Paddle, main body and jug
  • Some assembly required, with easy to follow instruction manual
  • To complete the recipe for the perfect Slush puppie you will need plenty of ice cubes Slush puppie machine is mains operated, fitted with a cord and a UK plug
  • Options to make fine or course Slushie
  • Slush puppie machine measures approx. 31cm (H) x 18cm (W) x 20cm (D)
  • Slush puppie machine makes up to 1.1 litres of Slushie
  • Authentic design replicating the classic Slush puppie Look

Product description

Product Description

– 9047

Box Contains

Slush Puppie 9047 Slushie Machine

SKU: B07N9K42L1
Weight: ‎2.14 kg
Dimensions: ‎35 x 25 x 23 cm; 2.14 Kilograms
Brand: ‎Slush Puppie
Model: ‎5102500000
Colour: ‎Blue/White/Red
Colour: ‎Blue/White/Red

From the manufacturer

New Slush Puppie Machine- Smaller and Cuter!

Slush Puppie Snow Cone Maker

Slush Puppie Snow Cone Maker

Slush Puppie Snow Cone Maker

Slush Puppie Snow Cone Maker

Slush Puppie Snow Cone Maker

Create the perfect Slush Puppie with this super easy to use official Slush Puppie Slushie Machine. This awesome genuine Slush Puppie Machine comes with its own step by step instructions manual for your reference.

Smaller Version of the Classic Slush Puppie Machine

This Official Slush Puppie Snow Cone Maker includes an authentic Slushie Machine capable of creating up to 1.1 litres of delicious Slushie at a time!

Really easy to use- Enjoy your slushie two ways!

Fill the Slush Puppie Machine up with ice and watch as it turns it into Slush. The Slush Puppie Slushie Machine is easy to use and you can enjoy your Slushies in two ways with two different ice shaving settings, course or fine.

Simple, easy to follow instructions

Instructions for use… 1. Place the ice shaving chamber into the top of the main body. 2. Once in place, lock the canister using the knob on top. This will click into place. 3. Now place the mixing paddle into the jug. Fill the jug with Slush Puppie Syrup up to the shown marking on the jug. 4. Place the jug in the machine and rotate clockwise. 5. Now add ice to the canister. Don’t fill over the max line shown on the canister. 6. Using the dial on the front, you can alter the setting to course or fine depending on your requirements. 7. Now you place the lid on. The end with the On/Off markings should be facing towards the back of the machine. When you rotate the lid anti-clockwise the machine will start shaving ice. 8. This fills up the canister ¼ of the way. Refer back to step 5 to fill a further ¼ Depending on how much liquid you filled the jug with will depend on how much ide you need. 2 rounds for the small line and 4 rounds for the large line.