RICETOO electric bicycle 48V 1000W rear wheel rotating brushless gearless hub motor 26inch, with KT-LCD3 display, fully waterproof electric bicycle motor wheel conversion kit

SALE PRICE: £295.00

  • 1. This kit is a fully waterproof plug conversion kit, you can easily convert ordinary bicycles to electric bicycles. This is hundreds of pounds cheaper than buying a new electric bicycle. There is no need to change the bicycle, only one wheel is needed, and one person can complete the modification in 1-2 hours. We provide you with a control bag for free!
  • 2.48V 1000W Powerful brushless gearless motor with maximum speed 40km/h. The open size of the Rear fork is 135-142 mm.48V 1000W motor speed is 325-331RPM, torque is 57.5-59 N.M. This will provide you with a strong forward momentum.The maximum load capacity of electric bicycles is 150-250 kg. Double-walled alloy wheels with reinforced stainless steel spokes for extra tension.
  • 3.At the time of shipment, we will declare the value of the product as $ 35. If tariffs are incurred, you need to bear them. After signing, according to the actual situation, providing customs tax certification. We will subsidize customs subsidies of up to $ 30.
  • 4.KT-LCD3(WP Plug) Display.The Display battery percentage, speed, distance, power, PAS value and possible error codes for easy troubleshooting. The display package contains a manual.
  • 5.We provide a 12-month warranty for the motor. The warranty period for all other components is 3 months. I am the source manufacturer, if there is after-sale, you will contact the factory directly, it is very convenient.We work hard to ensure that you are satisfied with our services and products.
  • 6.Note: The kit does not include a lithium battery. The motor is Rear-rotate, which is suitable for 7speed rotate flywheel, 8speed rotate flywheel, and 9speed rotate flywheel. However, 8 or 9speed flywheel needs to be used together with spacers. It is best to choose 7speed flywheel.

Product description


About Products:

1. Our products do not contain lithium batteries!

2. Our products can only be used with lithium batteries!

3. The voltage of the lithium battery must be the same as the voltage of our product!


You can contact us, we will send the installation manual and installation video

1. We use a Hall controller, which can start quickly and smoothly at zero start, and there is no pause when going uphill.

But you need to connect the machine correctly and tightly during the installation process to make the product work normally.

3.E-bike conversion kit-easy to convert your bike to an electrically powered scooter.

If it is incorrect during installation, the product will not work properly.

You can check whether the display interface displays an error code during the installation process.

If you cannot solve it, please contact our customer service.

common problem:

(1) The connecting machine between the motor and the controller is not firmly connected.

(2) The installation distance of pedal assist is too large.

(3) The inner core of the connector is damaged/broken/bent.


48V 1000W waterproof Brushless Gearless Wheel Motor

Packing list

1) 48V 1000W Rear Rotate Wheel(without tire)

2) 48V 30A controller

3) KT-LCD3 Display

4)Thumb Throttle

5) Power Cut-off Brake Levers

6)Brake sensor

7)Disc brake

8) Bolts and Nuts

9) PAS sensor

10)Extension cord

11) Zip ties and Protection line

12) Gift!!! controller bag

SKU: B08TW68C82
Dimensions: 60 x 59.7 x 25.6 cm; 10.84 Kilograms
Batteries Included: No
Manufacture: changzhouqingmudianzishangwuyouxiangongsi