Mission: Impossible – The 6-Movie Collection (DVD) [2018]

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Catch up on all 6 Mission: Impossible films with the 6-movie collection.


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Simon Pegg Benji Mission Impossible Fallout

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Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise)

Ethan Hunt, and his team go through an odyssey inspired by and reflective of his story. It’s an epic personal tale, and there are enormous emotional stakes for all the characters. “Fallout” refers not only to nuclear fallout but also to the fallout of all of Ethan’s good intentions. He has walked into a situation beyond his control, and he has to go through it even though he knows he’s being manipulated.

Luther Stickell (Ving Rhames)

A central character since the first Impossible film in 1996. Luther is the “soul of the film” and gives a certain consciousness to Ethan.

Benji Dunn (Simon Pegg)

It’s good to be able to relax for a moment and laugh. A lot of the time that’s where Benji comes in. He started out as a systems analyst in the IMF labs before getting a taste for adventure when he was enlisted to remotely assist Ethan in Mission: Impossible III. In Ghost Protocol we find him out in the field for the first time and in Rogue Nation he’s become more accomplished and used to the idea of being a secret agent — although he still doesn’t take everything entirely seriously.

Alan Hunley (Alec Baldwin)

Former CIA Director, Alan has recently been named secretary of the IMF.

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Erika Sloane Angela Basset Mission Impossible Image

Henry Cavill Mission Impossible Walker

Ilsa Faust (Rebecca Ferguson)

With her own objectives and unique approach to spycraft, Ilsa is initially at odds with the IMF team. She works mostly for herself and to achieve what she needs to. All the characters have different goals and agendas in this film. Sometimes they interact, and sometimes we put sticks in each other’s wheels, and that creates intense momentum.

Alana “The White Widow” (Vanessa Kirby)

Alana is an enigmatic character who comes into Ethan’s life as the total antithesis of all the women he’s met so far. She is a temptation, not just physically, but emotionally and psychologically. She seems to enjoy being involved with all of these nefarious characters, but you can’t trust her.

Erika Sloane (Angela Bassett)

She replaces Alec Baldwin’s Alan Hunley (now head of the IMF) as CIA Director and brings a very different attitude to the job. Sloane is ruthless and hard-charging, Erika has no tolerance for the IMF and their games, but at the same time is somewhat disarming in her manner.

August Walker (Henry Cavill)

He’s something of a wild card in this story. There’s a great deal of friction between him and Ethan, which comes to a boil over the course of the movie. The CIA’s top assassin, Walker also harbors his own dark agenda. He’s a cleaner; he takes out the people you can’t capture. But beyond that he’s an anarchist.