720°DGREE Travel Mug “PleasureToGo“ – 450ml – Leakproof, BPA-Free Stainless Steel Thermo Cup for Coffee & Tea to Go with Lid – Vacuum Insulated Flask – For Hot & Cold Drinks When- & Wherever you Want

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About this item

  • ✔ BE DIFFERENT – MINIMALISTIC, ELEGANT DESIGN – The 720°DGREE “PleasureToGo” Travel Mug is your new ideal companion whether on the go, at home, in the office or outdoors. An eye-catching gem for every coffee and tea enthusiast – Of course, 100% BPA-free.
  • ✔ INDULGE IN YOUR DELICIOUS BEVERAGE WHEREVER YOU ARE – LEAKAGE PROOF & FEATHER-LIGHT – Handy instead of bulky – Ideal for hot Coffe & Tea on the go or in the car. NO LIMITS – Drink comfortably from any side thanks to the 360° drinking opening. ONE HAND IS ALL YOU NEED – thanks to the practical 1-Click lid.
  • ✔ KeepDGREE-TECHNOLOGY | 5h Hot / 9h Cold – Always the PERFECT TEMPERATURE throughout the day. Whether you prefer your coffee/tea steaming hot or refreshingly ice-cold – all is possible due to the unique extra copper layer in the vacuum double wall design. Effortlessly fill the mug thanks to the extra wide opening. The detachable lid makes it very easy for you to keep your new travel mug clean & hygienic.
  • ✔ BECAUSE WE CARE ABOUT THE ENVIRONMENT – DURABLE + REUSABLE = SUSTAINABLE – By using our “PleasureToGo” Travel Mug you are actively contributing to reduce the mad waste production of disposable coffee cups. Together against the throwaway society. To ensure the maximum life span, wash by hand. Dimensions: Body Ø 6.4cm bottom and Ø 7cm top, height 18.5cm, total height including the lid: 21cm. Weight: 282g.
  • ✔ 100% SATISFIED OR GET YOUR MONEY BACK – Your satisfaction is guaranteed! 720°DGREE stands for the outstanding CUSTOMER SUPPORT with hundreds of thousands of HAPPY customers. If you aren’t smitten with our “PleasureToGo”, simply send it back within 60 days and we will issue you a full refund – no ifs & buts! Just click “Add to basket” RIGHT NOW and in a few days you can hold your new “PleasureToGo” travel mug in your hands and enjoy hot coffe or tea wherever you want.

Product Description

If you are a coffee lover..

Do you enjoy drinking coffee on the way to the office or through the park? Are you looking for a practical yet stylish travel mug? Would you like to reduce your plastic waste?

Alone in Germany more than 320,000 coffee to go cups are consumed every hour. That's more than 3 billion disposable cups per year.

Let us put an end to this mistake!

Try our "PleasureToGo" travel mug from 720°DGREE – be the change. Reduce your ecological footprint and enjoy your coffee or tea anytime and anywhere without a guilty conscience.

Does this sound familiar?

Are you tired of leaky cups that you can't even clean properly?

Leak-proof and leak-proof, thanks to the refined design of the lid. Easy to disassemble for thorough and hygienic cleaning.

Do you have all hands full to do?

Easy to open with just 1 click. Comfortable drinking and filling as well as effortless cleaning thanks to the wide 360° opening. Slim, slim shape that looks good in any situation.

Are you annoyed when your coffee gets so fast?

Innovative KeepDGREE technology: modern double wall design to keep your drinks hot for up to 5 hours and cold for up to 9 hours. Nothing but pure taste: food-safe, high-quality stainless steel without taste and odour residues.

You won't find a practical, yet stylish and timeless to go mug?

Compact, lightweight yet the epitome of modest elegance. Fine velvet coating for a brilliant feel. The perfect gift for women, men, partners, employees, customers, business partners.

Enjoy on the go

High-quality materials, stylish look and reliable functionality make the "PleasureToGo" thermal mug your faithful companion…. all day wherever you are.

Our philosophy

Environmental pollution due to disposable plastic waste is increasing. Ecolosystems are destroyed and millions of innocent living beings are all about this.

We firmly believe that together we can stop this madness of disposable PET bottles, disposable plastic cups and food containers.

We believe in the sustainable, gentle handling of our beautiful planet.

With our reusable bottles you choose a better future for your children and our planet.

Small bottle – great difference.

Clean drinking water for everyone.

Today, every tenth in the world has no access to clean water, every third has no access to a toilet.

We firmly believe that every person has the right to live in humane living conditions.

A fountain not only means access to clean drinking water, but is the first step in a self-determined life.

A fountain also improves the hygienic conditions on site, so diseases such as cholera can be contained and overall the quality of life increased.

720°DGREE fountain project.

Clean water is a matter of course for us. For 663 million people still a dream. Together we can change this.

100% wash = 100% future.

Each donation is 100% responsible, as Neven Subotic personally accepts all administration, travel and other costs caused by the work of the foundation.

Support us in the construction of the 720°DGREE drinking fountain in Ethiopia: www.givewater2all.de

Available sizesKeepDEGREE insulationBottle body surfaceBPA-free and unplasticisedPure tasteShock-proof/shatter-proofFruit infuser / strainerBottle body materialLid material:Special features:
450 ml450 ml / 700 ml350 ml / 500 ml / 750 ml / 1000 ml.410ml / 530ml / 710ml / 950ml / 1200ml350 ml / 500 ml / 650 ml / 1000 ml / 1500 ml.350 ml / 500 ml / 650 ml / 1000 ml / 1500 ml.
Cold for 9 hours and hot for 5 hours24 hours cold / 12 hours hot24 hours cold / 12 hours hot24 hours cold / 12 hours hot
Elegant varnishElegant varnishElegant painting/durable powder coating.Durable powder coatingSoftTouch: matte coating; velvety surfaceCrystalClear: without coating; transparent, smooth surface.
Fruit container.Sieve
18/8 stainless steel18/8 stainless steel18/8 stainless steel18/8 stainless steelBPA-free Tritan plasticBPA-free Tritan plastic
18/8 stainless steel, BPA-free polypropylene and silicone sealBPA-free polypropylene/silicone18/8 stainless steel, BPA-free polypropylene and silicone seal18/8 stainless steel, BPA-free polypropylene and silicone sealTritan cap & polypropylene BPA-free + silicone seals.Tritan cap & polypropylene BPA-free + silicone seals.
Leak-proof and leak-proof, thanks to the refined design of the lid/easy to disassemble for a thorough and hygienic cleaning, replacement and wearing parts.Compact design, vacuum insulated double wall, replaceable replacement and wearing parts.Slim and elegant bottle shape due to super compact double wall design / replacement and wearing partsIncludes: Sports lid, replacement parts that can be purchased and worn1-click opening, scale, easy to clean, replaceable replacement and wearing parts.1-click opening, scale, easy to clean, replaceable replacement and wearing parts.
Weight: 350 g
Dimensions: 22 x 8.1 x 8.1 cm; 350 Grams
Brand: 720°DGREE
Model: 720DGR11_blue_450ml
Colour: Sapphire Blue
Colour: Sapphire Blue