WiFi Projector, BOMAKER Wireless Outdoor Movie Projector, 6000 Portable Video Projector, Full HD Native 720P Projector, 250” Screen, for Android / iOS / Laptops / PCs

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  • 2021 UPGRADED HD WIFI PROJECTOR: 2021 upgraded the pixel and optical arrangement scheme, making the image clear and sharp without serration. Bomaker HD projector adopts square pixel arrangement instead of the traditional diamond-shaped pixels. Provides more details on four edges, like watching a 4K television
  • SMOOTH GAMING EXPRIENCE: All in one with full control. Only takes 2 steps to switch between different smart devices (ios phone, Android, Laptop, Macbook) to make it project WIRELESSLY without messy cables. Thanks to its enhanced wifi module and chipset, input lag lower than 35ms, it’s created with gamers in mind. With advanced silent cooling system allows you to focus on your movie night rather than a whirring fan
  • SEE CLEARLY EVEN IN DAYLIGHT: Upgraded brightness with the newest Luminus LED light, which can effectively restrain the influence of living room ceiling lights or ambient lights. Brings clear and sharp picture even in well-lit rooms. It works by reflecting the light indirectly off a flat surface, rather than beaming the light directly into your eyes like a normal TV. Perfect for online learning
  • SHORT DISTANCE, 250” GIANT SCREEN: Bomaker TV projector releases your eyes from tiny 42-inch tv to 35-250” big screen in a shorter throw distance than other 720p or 1080p projector. Built-in high-fidelity speakers for captivating sound, no audio lag. It can connect to an external soundbar via the 3.5mm audio input for outdoor movie night
  • MULTIMEDIA PROJECTOR, BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: Portable projector equipped with diverse ports like HDMI/VGA/USB/AV/SD/Audio Out, just plug the TV Stick, Roku Stick to play Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney+. Bomaker focuses on research, development, design, manufacturing consumer electronics, such as Projectors, Laser TV, Sound bars, Projector screens, etc. We stand by our products and service

Product Description

2021 Upgraded Ultra-Sharp WiFi Projector for Indoor or Outdoor Movie Nights

Start the Day Right with Bomaker Portable HD WiFi Projector

Main Features:

2021 Upgraded Mstar chipset and light engine: Full HD Native 1080p supported, resolve the issue of blurry on four corners and pixelated image.

Latency is Below 35ms, No More Input Lag: Designed with optimized WiFi Antenna and Chipset, which brings Lower Gaming or Video Signal Input Lag than Most 1080p Projector. Invest for better, longer gaming and movie experience.

60% Brightness: Sharpness even on 4 edges, solved the blurry image issue as other projectors

35-300 Inches Projection Screen: With a projection distance of 1.5-7 meters, it can produce 35-300 inches giant screen. Get lost in movie night.

100%-75% Zoom function: Tired of moving the projector back or forth? It features 100%-75% zoom out function, just tap the remote to adjust the screen size as you love.

Industry-leading 9000:1 Contrast: The higher the contrast ratio, more detail you can see on image, bomaker makes it possible to see the subtle shades of colors.

About Bomaker

Founded in 2015, Bomaker focused on research, development, design, manufacturing consumer electronics, such as soundbar, projectors, laser tv etc. Occupied an area of 15,000 square meters, comprised of 50% development team, Bomaker has sold over 15 million soundbars and millions of projectors over 12 countries around the globe and will continue to produce high-quality products.

Choose Bomaker for Your Movie Nights

A true high-end, cost-effective projector

Bomaker movies projector adopted advanced PureMotion frame-interpolation and High Dynamic Range processing for the true 4K UHD display, delivers on the director’s vision by ensuring everything you watch is vibrant and rich with color.

  • Native Resolution: Full HD 1980*1080p resolution decoding
  • Contrast Ratio: 9000: 1
  • Projection Size: 35-300 inches
  • Color: Off-white

Don't get puzzled by "Native" and "Supported" resolution, what's the difference?

What is Native Resolution?

Every projector that uses microdisplays, whether they are LCD panels, DLP or LCOS chips, has a fixed array of pixels on those microdisplays. That fixed array of pixels is known as the native resolution of the projector. It is the actual, true, physical resolution of the projector. Bomaker GC355 features a true resolution of 720p, for a total of 2,073, 600 pixels. Delivers clarity and more details on the image.

What is Supported Resolution?

Most 480p or 720p projector claims it is Full HD 1080p supported. Well, it has nothing to do projected image and refers only to the input signal. Every projector is programmed to recognize inputs in a variety of formats and sizes and the maximum resolution is the highest resolution value that the device can process and then display. But the native resolution which determines overall clarity and sharpness.

How does the projector handle a signal in a resolution other than its native resolution?

To display higher resolution content, the projector automatically down-scales (compresses) pixels in the input feed to its native resolution. If the input resolution is higher (as high as the maximum) or lower than the native resolution, the projector will convert the signal to the native resolution using a process called scaling. Imagine a projector with a native resolution of 640×480 capable of handling up to 1080i HD signals. Without scaling, the projector won’t be able to handle 1080i content because the 1920×1080 resolution obviously has more pixels than the device’s micro-display which only has 640×480 pixels.

Be well informed to learn which is real native 720P, 1080P projectors or “Supported ”1080p(actually 480p)!

The edges are no longer blurred, the details in each corner are optimized!

Bomaker projector has studied a large number of projectors and found that only focusing in the middle leads to blurry is a common problem with most projectors.

Bomaker phone projector adopts a New Square Pixel Arrangement instead of the traditional diamond-shaped pixels.

The high-quality optical solution offers high-definition four-corner brightness and resolution, flawless presentation of details, smooth, transparent texture and beautiful panoramic views.

Full HD 1080p Display

Full HD 1920 x 1080p supported, remarkable contrast ratio of 9000:1, delivers you the Sharp, Clarity, Detailed HD images.

Bomaker video projector innovate the lcd technology, up 60% bright than others.

Ultimate Cooling System

With dual cooling fan design, easy draw hot air out of the unit, cut 80% of the fan noise and last the projector bulb life.

Enjoy for ultimate viewing immersion, movie night everyday.

Incredible Gaming Experience

You will not experience cut-out or video, audio delay when playing the games or movies. The picture and sound of the projector can be synchronized within 35ms ultra-fast, giving you ultra-clear and No More Input Lag viewing pictures.

Bomaker HD WIFI projector is easy to connect wireless bluetooth adapter, get back to us to get the BT Adapter. You can connect the Bomaker soundbar and projector easily, experience the epic scale of the cinema right from the comfort of your couch.


Q: Why I can't play Netflix?

Bomaker WiFi projector does support Netflix, but you need to use TV Stick or Roku connect the projector to play Netflix. So sorry to let you know that the projector cannot mirror Netflix due to copyright reasons, really hope you kindly understand.

Q: How to wireless screen mirroring to your Macbook?

1. Open the WiFi setting on Macbook, and connect to projector WiFi named “Mirroring-EBCE88”, enter password: 12345678

2. Click "Setting" and then click "Displays", find "Airplay Display" and choose “Mirroring-EBCE88”, your Macbook's screen will be displayed on the projection surface.

Get a better image effect in a relatively dark environment

Q: How to achieve wireless screen mirroring to your iOS or Android devices?

1. Go to Settings, connect to projector WiFi named “Mirroring-EBCE88”, enter password: 12345678

2. Turn on the Screen Mirroring settings in the control center by scrolling down the phone

3. Choose “Mirroring-EBCE88” and once connected, your mobile device’s screen will be displayed on the projection surface.

Q: Does this come with a screen?

Sorry to let you know the projector screen is not included, you need to click the items and add both to the cart.

Weight: 1.38 kg
Dimensions: 33 x 22.3 x 11.7 cm; 1.38 Kilograms
Colour: Silver
Manufacture: BOMAKER
Colour: Silver
Reference: UK-GC355