KVM Switch Dual Monitor VGA and DVI 2 Port Extended Display, PC Monitor Keyboard Mouse USB Peripherals Sharing Box for 2 Computers or Laptops 822UD

SALE PRICE: £129.00

  • 【KVM Switch Dual Monitor VGA and DVI】If you are looking to hook up 2 computers or Laptops to share one set of keyboard, mouse and 2 extended monitors, and both computers have VGA and DVI graphic outputs. This is right for you!
  • 【Multiple Switching Modes】Switch easily between home and work PCs using push button, keyboard hotkeys or mouse clicks; Also support auto scan with interval time between 8-999 seconds; Thousands of users find it helpful especially when many of us have to work from home.
  • 【Wide Compatibility】Cross support most major operation systems like Windows, Linux, Mac and more; Also support most wired or wireless keyboard and mouse, Plug and Play without any software needed;
  • 【USB 2.0 KVM Switch with Audio】With an extra USB 2.0 HUB port to share one more USB devices between 2 computers, like USB disk, webcam, headset, printer and scanner etc.; with separate audio and microphone output.
  • 【High Resolution with Auto EDID】Supports maximum resolution up to 1080P for DVI and 2048*[email protected] for VGA with auto EDID function.

Product Description

Key Benefits You might be Looking for

1. Control 2 computers with 1 set of wired or wirless keyboard and mouse;

2. Dual monitor outputs to extend or mirror display from a same input source;

3. Conveniently switch between home and work PCs using keyboard hotkyes, mouse clicks or push button;

4. Cross support multiple platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac and more;

5. Support higher resolution up to 1080P for DVI, and 2048×[email protected] for VGA;

6. With Extra USB 2.0 HUB port to share one moure USB devices like USB drive, printer, scanner, webcam, headset etc..

7. Support seperate speaker and microphone outputs and swap between 2 computers

8. Include power adapter and VGA KVM cables, (Kindly be aware that DVI cables are not included)

9. Solid built with high-end pretective metal housing to ensure sturdiness on desk.

Hook up 2 Computers with VGA and DVI Outputs to Share Keyboard, Mouse and Dual Monitors for Extended or Mirrored Display

Recommended Set-up

1. Computers or laptops with dual VGA and DVI output.

2. 1 VGA monitor + 1 DVI monitor

3. Wired or wireless keyboard and mouse

Warm Reminder:

1. If your computers does not have VGA and DVI outputs, please check other DEPZOL models see whichever fits you better.

2. Reliable adapers can be used but not included for HDMI, USB C or DisplayPort graphic outputs, please be aware of this before order.

How to Install

  1. Power off everything before installation
  2. Connect the end with USB, audio and VGA of Cable A to computer 1, the other end with VGA only to VGA IN 1A on the KVM switch.
  3. Connect standard DVI cable (NOT INCLUDED) from your computer 1 to DVI IN 1B on the KVM switch.
  4. Repeat step 1 & 2 to connect computer 2 to correspondent KVM ports;
  5. Plug your mouse and keyboard to USB mouse and keyboard port on back panel;
  6. Connect your VGA monitors to VGA OUT A & and DVI monitor to DVI Out B;
  7. Plug in your speaker or mic. if needed;
  8. Power on the switch and boot all devices;

Technical Tips

  1. For wireless keyboard and mouse, plug the wireless adapter into the USB keyboard Port on back panel;
  2. For gaming, optical and mechanical keyboard and mouse, plug it into front USB 2.0 Port (hotkey and mouse click switching is not supported from this connection).

Maximum Resolution [email protected]

What's in the box

1* 2 Port Dual Monitor KVM Switch

2* VGA KVM cable 4.92 Ft (Cable A)

1* User Manual

1* DC 5V Power Adapter

Noted: Standard DVI to DVI cables are not included. Monitor Cables are not included.

Support 3 Display Modes

1. Extended

2. Mirrored

3. Spliced (in 2 monitors)

Multi Platform Supports

Cross support most major operation systems including Windows, Linux, Mac and more

4 Switching Modes

  1. Push Button
  2. Mouse Clicks
  3. Keyboard hotkeys
  4. Auto Scan

Dimensions: 13 x 10 x 24 cm; 1.31 Kilograms
Model: 822UD
Manufacture: DEPZOL