Cleartex Advantagemat, Chair Mat for Low Pile Carpet, Clear, Rectangular, 120 x 150 cm (FC1115225EV)

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SALE PRICE: £59.12
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  • Advantagemat protects home and office carpets from spillages, scuffs and dirt from footwear and the damage caused by office chair casters.
  • Advantagemat chair mat is made from the highest quality Phthalate-Free PVC ingredients for a long-lasting, durable chair mat.
  • This mat is clear, to allow your flooring to show through – so it won’t look intrusive in your office or home.
  • Contains up to 25% recycled material and manufactured using 25% renewable energy from wind and solar power. Contains up to 25% recycled content.
  • This chair mat provides ergonomic benefits for chair users – allows an easy-glide movement to reduce leg fatigue. Gripper-back for stability, suitable on low pile carpets up to 6mm thick. Product Size – Rectangular 120 x 150cm.
Weight: 5.3 kg
Dimensions: 150 x 0.22 x 120 cm; 5.3 Kilograms
Brand: Floortex
Model: FC1115225EV
Colour: 120cm X 150cm
Colour: 120cm X 150cm

From the manufacturer

Office Chair

About Floortex

Floortex is a manufacturer of floor protection products, specialising in chair mats and desk mats for the office, industry and the home.

Based in the UK, with logistics facilities in the USA and Europe, Floortex supplies products worldwide, through a network of trusted partners and distributors.

Cleartex from Floortex

Floortex chair mats for the office and home office protect expensive carpets, wooden or tiled floors from the damage caused by office chair casters.

The Floortex range has mats specifically designed for different floor types, desk sizes and in different materials to suit every budget.

Chair mats from Floortex make moving around your desk space easier – your chair casters glide on the surface, which can take some of the strain off your legs and back as you work.

Choose the correct Cleartex chair mat for your application & floor type

Floor damage

Hard Floor

Carpet damage


Hard floor damage

Without a chair mat, hard floors are scratched, dented and damaged by office chair wheels, moved furniture legs and footwear.

Hard Floor Protection with Floortex chair mat

Floortex chair mats for hard floors feature a smooth back and have an anti-slip coating which will keep the mat in place without leaving marks or residue.

Carpet damage

Without a chair mat, your expensive carpet can be ripped, snagged and irreparably damaged by chair wheels, furniture or dirty footwear.

Carpet protection with Floortex chair mat

Floortex chair mats for carpets have tiny grippers on the base to keep them in place. Measure the thickness of your carpet to ensure the correct mat is selected.



Smooth Back


Choose the right size

Measure the width of your workstation and consider the size of your chair base.

Also think about your ‘roll area’ – the total floor space you cover when seated. Choose the size that covers the furthest points you roll while working.

Choose the right shape

Pick the chair mat shape which suits your workspace and activity levels – consider whether you sit still, roll from a desk to a file or move around to talk to colleagues.

You may also want to consider a lipped chair mat to give extra protection from your footwear under the desk.

Consider your flooring

Hard Floors: For hard flooring such as wood, tiles or vinyl, choose a smooth-back chair mat for the best protection. Choose a chair mat with anti-slip coating for extra stability in use.

Carpets: For carpeted floors, Floortex has mats with grippers – small spikes that keep your chair mat in place without damaging the carpet – First you need to find the depth of your carpet’s pile (the length of the carpet fibres).

Consider the amount of use

For high-traffic areas, 24 hour desks or big & tall users, our strongest chair mats are recommended: Glaciermat and Megamat.

For everyday use, choose Polycarbonate for its super-strong and long-lasting properties.

For occasional or light use and great value for money, choose a mat from our PVC range.

Polycarbonate Phthalate Free Glass Recyclable
Polycarbonate PVC Glass Other
Carpet and hard floor
Available in colour/pattern
Range of shapes
Best for big & tall users
Anti-static option
Easy-glide surface
Recycled material content Up to 25% Up to 100%
Made using renewable energy
Floortex chair mat range Colortex, Megamat, Ultimat, Unomat Advantagemat, Advantagemat Black, Advantagemat Anti-Static, Advantagemat Anti-Microbial Glaciermat EcoTex Evolutionmat