Pure Water Distiller 750W 220V 4L Water Purifier Filter Dental Medical Hospital

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  • Newly designed model is made with stainless steel water distiller and a collection plastic bottle. The inside of the tank is Lab Grade Stainless Steel.Even the water collector top is stainless steel!
  • Suit for home,clinique,hospital ,office,lab, etc.
  • Easy to use, no installation, Durable, yet lightweight and compact enough to travel with.
  • Effectively removes most tap water impurities,Produces water of the safest and cleanest condition,Seamless round shaped exterior, CE approved
  • Now with this Water Distilled Machine Provided, you have a reliable source ofhigh quality distilled water as long as you input pipe water!
Weight: 4 Kilograms
Dimensions: 48.6 x 29.5 x 26.1 cm; 4 Kilograms
Model: L10ZLSJ220-1
Batteries Required: No

Product Description

How distillation works?
Distilled water is water that has gone through a purification process called distillation to remove all of the impurities and harmful chemicals/substances from the water.
Firstly, this machine heat up water to 212oF (100oC) so that the water evaporates and turns into steam.
Second, it will collect that steam and cool it down via the fan causing condensation to occur,turning the steam back into water.
Finally, the water will pass through a carbon filter, so that it are left with is clean, pure, distilled water.

What is the difference between distilled water and tap water?
Distilled water is pure water that contains no harmful chemicals, minerals, or toxins in it.
Tap water is water that has been treated with many different chemicals and that has probably picked up some additional harmful chemicals & substances on its way to you.

Package Includs:
1. 1x Water Distiller
2. 1x Water Bottle
3. 1 x Discharge Cap
4. 1 x Bottle Cap
5. 1 x Main Power Cord

Plug in the power supply,machine will start automatically for the first time to use.
This item does not include the chamber cleaning powder.


Why should we drink distilled water?
Instead of trying to remove the harmful substances from the water, distillation removes the water from the harmful substances. Since water boils and evaporates at a much lower temperature than many harmful chemicals, toxins, and minerals, when you finish distillation you are left with 1 pot of pure water and 1 pot of leftover harmful, toxic, substances.

Stainless steel liner.

The fan is used to cool the steam.

Easy to clean