HDMI Matrix 4 in 2 Out 4K 60Hz 4:4:4 HDR D-o-l-b-y Vision Atmos SPDIF 5.1CH Breakout 3.5mm Stereo HDCP2.2- PC Console 16 EDID HDMI Scaler 4K 1080P Sync, HDCP2.2 HDMI2.0 Matrix 4×2 IR Remote,MX42PRO

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  • 4×2 HDMI Matrix 4K HDR with SPDIF TOSLINK—4K HDMI Matrix 4×2 is designed to switch between four HDMI sources to two displays. It is able to distribute any source to any display. The two output signals can be different or the same. Two output play 4K and 1080P Simultaneously, with Extra SPDIF Optical 5.1CH Audio.—pls ensure HDMI Source, TV, Receiver/Soundbar support them both. For set up way,pls check DESCRIPTION. —Support 4K HDMI down-scale to 1080P.
  • KEY USAGE — 1. Connect 1080p HDMI display to matrix OUT 1(A), connect 4K display to matrix OUT 2(B), matrix EDID copy OUT 2(B) prior. 2. HDMI OUT 1(A) Down-scale 4K to 1080p only, NOT down-scale 4K HDR D-o-l-b-y Vision (4K60Hz 4:2:2) —Suggest less than 15mtr qualified HDMI 2.0 cable. — IR remote and panel control. -NOT extend screen, only COPY.
  • AUDIO VIDEO — 4 input to 2 output HDMI Matrix Switch supports HDCP2.2 HDMI2.0 4K 60Hz 4:4:4 18Gbps 8bit HDR D-o-l-b-y Vision. VRR.HDMI audio supports D-o-l-b-y Digital 7.1CH, D-o-l-b-y Atmos,DTS:X. De-embed SPDIF Optical 5.1CH follows up HDMI OUT 2(B), no need TV connection. NO CEC.
  • ATTENTION PLS — Pls read EDID DIP Switch picture carefully, it’s a simple device, just needs to be hooked up correctly. — Based on Return Research, the most of buyers who returned it, due to wrong operation or don` t use HDMI 2.0 standard cable. Pls read Bullet Points, Description, Installation Instruction (set EDID/ upgrade firmware) on product page carefully.
  • HIGH COMPATIBILITY — HDMI four input two output switcher matrix supports HDMI 2.0 HDCP 2.2 devices, Elgato 4K60 MK 2,G-Sync,Nvidia Shield,Xfinity box, Game Video Capture,Apple TV,Amazon Fire TV,PS4 Pro,X BoX series,Comcast,OSSC etc. — Plug and Play; 1~3 sec Fast Input Switching. No signal delay/ lag. For competitive KVM HDMI Switch, check asin B082D7YJH6
Weight: 400 g
Dimensions: 16 x 9.14 x 1.78 cm; 400 Grams
Model: MX42PRO-HAS
Batteries Included: No
Manufacture: EZCOOTECH

Product Description

HDMI Matrix 4x2

HDMI Matrix 4 in 2 out 4k 60hz HDR Dolby Vision SPDIF 5.1CH Breakout Console 16 EDID HDMI Scaler 4K 1080P Sync

  • 4K HDMI Matrix 4×2 distributes four HDMI sources to two HDMI displays reliably, supports HDMI2.0 4K60Hz 4:4:4 8bit 18Gbps, HDR 10, HDR Dolby Vision, firmware upgrade via micro-USB port. HDMI OUT 1(A) can down-scale 4K to 1080P 60Hz only, NOT down-scale 4K HDR D-o-l-b-y Vision 4K60Hz 4:2:2,VRR, 4K and 1080P TV can play together. Extra SPDIF Optical 5.1CH audio breakout offer high-end audio experience without TV connection.
  • Supports 4K HDR TV and 7.1CH Soundbar work simultaneously. OR Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos work in sync, pls ensure HDMI Source, TV, Receiver/soundbar support them both, then set EDID 1 2 OFF 3 4 ON. Simplify matrix operation step.
  • Supports 4K HDR TV and 1080p Capture Card work at the same time. Pls get 1080p capture card to Matrix OUT 1, 4K HDR TV to OUT 2, set EDID 1ON 2ON 3OFF 4OFF
  • Set HDMI down scaler via DIP easily. DIP 1 set HDCP, DIP 2 set Down Scaler. DIP 3, 4 set EDID.
  • When monitor is not HDR capable, there's no need to switch off the HDR functionality on HDMI sources, matrix simply doesn't pass, again one less thing to do.
  • HDMI input switching happens fast, around 1 second when same HDMI resolution; less than 3 seconds when different HDMI display brands & resolution. The switching time will be different base on different TV capability.

HDMI Matrix 4 in 2 out

HDMI Matrix Scaler 4K 1080P Sync

  • HDMI Video: HDMI 2.0,HDCP 2.2,4K 60Hz 4:4:4 8bit 18Gbps HDR Dolby Vision, 4K 60Hz 4:2:2 10bit HDR10,HDR Dolby Vision, 4K 2K,1080p,1080i,3D,1440P 120Hz,24bit,30bit,36bit deep color
  • HDMI Audio: Dolby Digital 7.1CH Audio,Dolby Atmos,Dolby TrueHD,DTS:X,DTS-HD Master,LPCM 2.1CH,5.1CH,7.1CH
  • HDMI Cable: HDMI 2.0 standard cable, less than15m AWG26
  • Firmware: Upgradeable Matrix Switcher 4 IN 2 OUT, refer to Installation Instruction on product page.
  • Power Adapter: Input AC 100V-240V/ 50Hz,60Hz; Output DC 5V/2A
  • Support remote control, button control, DIP switch to set EDID, Audio DE-embed, optical audio out without display.

HDMI Matrix 4k 60hz

HDMI Matrix Easy Set-up without Driver

  • Please connect 4K TV to HDMI OUT 2 (B), 1080P TV to HDMI OUT 1 (A), power on the matrix, it will read HDMI OUT 2 (B) signal. SPDIF Optical 5.1CH follows HDMI OUT 2(B)
  • DIP Manual Down Scaler Setting. Manuel HDMI Scaler is better than auto scaler, which can keep monitors true 4K signal. Even though monitors support 4K but still recommend 1080p as the best resolution.
  • HDMI OUT 1(A) Down-scale 4K to 1080p 60Hz only via DIP switch, NOT down-scale 4K HDR Dolby Vision 4K60Hz 4:2:2,VRR
  • EZ-MX42HAS IR remote code is in Logitech Harmony database and functions without delay on HDMI sources. IR Extension Cable is more helpful to concealed installation for IR remote control.

hdmi Matrix hdr

Global TOP Level Chip Make it Excellent

  • High-end exclusive algorithm, advanced technology keep true UHD, no down sampling, no fading in RGB after downscaling.
  • Firmware Upgrade via micro-USB port
  • Editable HDMI audio-video channel management (EDID DIP switch) + HDMI re-timing improve 4K HDR and multichannel audio system compatibility.

hdmi matrix 4k 60hz

Slim Design for Concealed Installation

  • 0.7inch thickness, compacted design for easy installation on wall or behind the TV.
  • Plug Play. 1-3 sec Fast Input Switching. No signal delay. Low Heat.
  • All HDMI and power connection at one side, easy to wire trimming.
  • Solid build quality.
  • Provide two metal mounting ear with keyholes, Hook & Loop, cable tie allowing various installation options.

HDMI Matrix 4k 4:4:4

HDMI Matrix Use problem

How should I do when TV display black screen or "No Signal" message (HDCP issue)

  • Please check HDCP setting video or buyers review of HDCP manual setting way, who solved this issue by himself already.
  • Please make sure HDMI 2.0 cable be qualified up to 18G/bps. HDMI 2.0 Input cable: ≤15m AWG26 cable ,HDMI 2.0 Output cable: ≤25m AWG26 cable
  • Please exchange HDMI port and devices to verify the issue.
  • Please check the DIP switch, and set the position 1 to ON
  • Also you can try to upgrade firmware via micro-USB port (FW/CTL), please refer to Firmware update below.
  • EDID switch button 4 down and up to reset the matrix.

How do I get DTS/Dolby sound from SPDIF optical port on HDMI Matrix 4×2

  • Please make sure all the cables are good, and devices power on.
  • The SPDIF optical output is following HDMI OUT2 (B), please make sure the device support DTS/Dolby audio is connecting to HDMI OUT2 (B).
  • Please make sure your source has been set to Bitstream audio out, different source has different setting.

How can I get HDR Dolby Vision picture & Dolby Atmos sound

  • If your HDMI source, display devices support both HDR Dolby Vision & Dolby Atmos, then HDMI Matrix can support both accordingly.
  • Also, we can send command to set an EDID which is support Dolby vision and Atmos

Product contains

  • HDMI Matrix x1
  • Power supply x1
  • UK Plugx1,EU Plugx1
  • Reusable Cable Ties x2
  • Mount ear x2
  • HOOK&LOOP x2
  • Reusable Cable Ties x2
  • product manual x1