Aneken Metal Detector, Metal Detector 3 Modes are Optional, High-Precision Waterproof Search Coil 39.37-51.18Inch Height-Adjustable Metal Detectors LCD Display, with Folding Shovel and 2x9V Batteries

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About this item

  • 【THREE MODES】:Aneken metal detector has three modes: ①All metal mode, which can identify all types of metals (iron, gold, silver, copper, aluminum, zinc, nickel), ② DISC mode to prevent the identification of metals you do not need,③ NOTCH mode, to selectively prevent the detection of categories in the metal spectrum. Using a metal detector, you can search for coins, artifacts, jewelry, gold and silver.
  • 【HIGH SENSITIVITY AND HIGH PRECISION】:The sensitivity of the Aneken metal detector is set to 12 gears, and it has a 10-inch oversized coil. You can choose the most suitable sensitivity according to the environment, The recognition depth is up to 7.8 inches , Move the detector slowly. When the coil approaches, the metal will be recognized immediately, and the probe will automatically indicate the depth of the object.
  • 【LCD DISPLAY/VOLUME ADJUSTMENT/HEADPHONE JACK】:Aneken metal detector uses LCD display to clearly display all types of information. It can recognize different metals and make different sounds. It has 3 different sounds, and the volume can be adjusted as needed. It comes with a special headphone jack that allows you to find treasure on noisy streets or beaches.
  • 【WATERPROOF/ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT】:Aneken metal detector can adjust the height so that you can always use it in the most convenient position. The waterproof coil allows the metal detector to search for lost jewelry or metal objects in shallow water. Very suitable for outdoor, such as beach, stream, courtyard. (Hint: the detection disk is waterproof, but the display is not)
  • 【SERVICE/USAGE TUTORIAL】:You will get -1× metal detector, 2×9V battery, 1× spade, 1× user manual, ANEKEN metal detector provides 60 days refund, 2 years warranty and lifetime technical support, you You can buy and use with confidence. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via Amazon. The product manual contains detailed instructions, you can also contact us, we will send you a detailed video tutorial.
Dimensions: 135 x 25.5 x 25.5 cm; 2.07 Kilograms
Model: GC-1020
Part: GC-1020
Batteries Included: 2 9V batteries required. (included)
Manufacture: Aneken

Product Description


Aneken has been sold metal detector for over 5 years and focuses on the outdoor all the time

Aneken GC-1020 is our most advanced metal detector – used LCD and buttons to replace dial and knobs

We believe that this metal detector we developed will definitely bring new experiences and fun for outdoor explorers and gold prospectors

Our company has a high qualified R&D team.We have developed more than 40 models of outdoor products for different need,To ensure the top quality, we have a full set of rigorous proceeding technology with relative tooling and special facilities.Believing in integrity highest, quality first, we have been developing more and more new products sold to many countries and regions.

Greatest Strength:

3 Modes- Setting different modes, avoiding interference from other metals on the target you are looking for. Finding the metal you're looking for more precisely.

ALL METAL-Search for metals of any kind. The detector generates a simple signal tone for every type of metal. The DISC and NOTCH settings do not work in this mode.

DISC-Sort the detection of unwanted metals by metal discrimination. You can set the target range from MAX to MIN using the DISC / NOTCH buttons, the detector can detect the type of metal that is shown on the display. In the meantime, other types of metal are sorted out and not displayed on the screen.

NOTCH-Ignore metal types, you can hide different metal types in this mode. Press + or – to select the type of metal you want to remove (e.g. S-CAPS).

Sensitivity –can be Adjusted in different modes,which make your detecting more precisely

Humanization design – Retractable poles are suitable for users of different heights. Besides, handrail design can save you more energy and provide you with an easy testing environment.

10 Inches Waterproof coil – It provides better conditions for detecting metals without missing any details. As it is waterproof, it can be detected in wet places such as beaches and streams. It is not restricted by any location.

LCD Display – It can display depth, the type of metal, mode, sensitivity and battery indication.

Aneken metal detector


Headphone jack

Detection depth

Use scene

Shovel Give As A Present

As your metal detector approaches the target and buzzes, you can easily open the bottom with our solid folding shovel to find the target.

Different objects correspond to different tones

• Low tone: Iron or ferrous objects

• Medium tone: pull tabs, zinc, brass. Some bottle caps are reported here (S-CAPS).

• High tone: silver and copper coins, brass coins (A single tone sounds in ALL METAL mode)

20% deeper detection depth than others

The 10inch search coil of the Aneken Metal Detector can be detected underwater, the 12 gears to adjust its sensitivity makes it detecting accurately

Multiple Scenes & suitable for people of all ages

Aneken metal detectors are not affected by terrain and the environment. It can be used by the sea, in the forest, in the grass, in the desert, etc. Its length is adjustable(39.4inch to 53.1inch) and can be used by both adults and children.

Metal Detector

For better use:

If the target cannot be detected, the factors may appear:

1. The target is too small or too deep. To detect deeply buried targets, the sensitivity of the product needs to be increased.

2. The target object is too large. Need a certain distance between the coil and the target.

3. The search coil move so fast. You may miss the goal.

4. Do not sweep the search coil like a pendulum. During or at the end of detection,raising the search coil will result in erroneous readings.

If the metal detector does not stop beeping:

1. Interference with micro elements in highly mineralized ground areas. You can reduce the sensitivity.

2. In areas with more metal debris, you can use the DISC Mode to select the target you want.

3. Keep electronic products or metal products away from the search coil. It will interfere with the metal detector.

If the metal detector cannot identify the target:

Sometimes, oxidized metals can cause the target to shift. Arrows and tones reduce sensitivity to eliminate detection of deep targets.

1. If the metal detector beeps continuously, or make no sound, or the detection disk beeps when it is facing the sky,Please test it outdoors or reduce the sensitivity of the gold finder

2. It is recommended to use alkaline batteries rather than carbon batteries.(The batteries we offered is only used to test whether the metal detector you receive can work normally, Buy new batteries is recommend)

3. If you are not going to use the device for a week or more, remove the battery. Chemicals can escape from the battery and destroy electronic parts.

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