Voxelab Polaris 3D Printer UV Photocuring Resin 3D Printer Assembled with 3.5”Smart Touch Color Screen Off-line Print 4.53″(L) x 2.56″(W) x 6.1″(H) Printing Size (Polaris)

SALE PRICE: £149.00

  • 【Powerful slicing software 】Polaris supports both CHITU Slicing Software and VoxelPrint Slicing Software. VoxelPrint can quickly set up the support and can modify the support parameters.VoxelPrint provides a dimension compensation mechanism, effectively reduces the error caused by resin shrinkage. VoxelPrint also provides internal honeycomb support to avoid collapse. The cutting function also brings a different printing experience
  • 【Easy to use】Fully assembled, Out of box, leveling was a breeze. The package does not include resin, but it supports resins of 405nm. We recommend Voxelab official resins, much cheaper and very stable
  • 【High Precision and Resolution】Polaris uses a 2560×1440 2K HD masking LCD as to provide accurate printing with a single pixel size of 0.047mm.Polaris was able to show the model in full details
  • 【Excellent Performance】The printing effect of Polaris is finer than the FDM machine. Voxelab official resin is very stable and compatible with different printers
  • 【Warranty and Service】Voxelab provides Lifetime technical support and a one-year warranty (Except E2K LCD Screen and FEP film).Kindly Reminder: Polaris does not include resins

Product Description

Voxelab has gathered a strong R&D team.Great industrial design and user-friendly system, we make Voxelab Polaris suitable for anyone to use even though you have never used a 3D printer before.

Package List

Voxelab Polaris 3D Printer comes with a simple yet well-protect package box which contains all the necessary parts you need to start a perfect printing

  • Polaris 3d printer * 1
  • Power cable * 1
  • Build platform * 1
  • USB Disk * 1
  • Rubber gloves * 1
  • Tool Kit * 1
  • Filter paper * 1
  • Metal scraper * 1

Do not miss Voxelab Polaris 3D printer which is Entry-level, Affordable, Easy to use, Better Printing Quality, and Full of Fun!

Polaris Printing Specification

Technology: LCD UV Photocuring

Light Source: UV Integrated Light (wavelength 405nm)

XY Resolution: 0.047mm (2560*1440)

Layer Thickness: 0.025-0.1mm;

Printing Speed: 20 mm/h

Printer Dimensions: 9.06in (L) * 7.87in (W) * 16.14in (H)

Build Volume: 4.53in (L) * 2.56in (W) * 6.1in (H)

Net Weight: 13.2Lbs (6Kg)

  • Operation: 3.5 Inch Touch Screen
  • Slice Software: Chitu Box/VoxelPrint
  • File format:Input:stl file
  • Printing Method: USB Disk

Leveling easier

You only need the Z-axis to return to zero, then lock the leveling screw to start printing. Level the platform easily in just 15 seconds.

Improved Printing Efficiency

Support for Printing Several Models in One Go.115*65*155mm printing volume,With 155mm printing height to meet the printing needs of garage kit users.

Resin Vat Max Scale Mark

There is maximum scale mark in resin vat to prevent pouring too much resin to waste.

Stable Light Source

Polaris uses wavelength 405nm UV integrated light.Reflector spotlights to design makes the light source more concentrated and even.Have a higher printing success rate

5.5 – inch 2k LCD screen

With an image resolution of 2560*1440 and a single resolution is 47 microns, to achieving the original design, and showing the details of printed objects.

Two Slicing Software

Available on both slicing software which CHITUBOX and VoxelPrint. Simplify UI interface and operation system supported the most easy slicing

Dimensions: 56.7 x 30.4 x 27.4 cm; 8 Kilograms
Manufacture: Zhejiang Flashforge 3D Technology Co., Ltd.
Reference: LCD