GoPetee Dog Cooling Mat Self-Cooling Pad Non-toxic Gel Summer Sleeping Bed Comfort for Small Large Dogs Pets Cats Puppy Bed Sofa (XL – 81 * 96CM, Pure Blue): Pet Supplies

GoPetee Dog Cooling Mat Self-Cooling Pad Non-toxic Gel Summer Sleeping Bed Comfort for Small Large Dogs Pets Cats Puppy Bed Sofa (XL - 81 * 96CM

SALE PRICE: £16.99
YOU SAVE: £5.00

  • Pressure Activated: Our self cooling pad is repeatedly weight activated, it activates as soon as your pet’s paws hit the mat, he will get a cool day in hot summer, your pet absolutely loves to lying on this mat
  • Sponge and Non-toxic Gel Formula Blend: Constructed with sponge and non-toxic gel, it will absorb body heat and reduce body temperature evenly, no water, electricity, or refrigeration required, it folds easily for easy storage as well
  • Re-cool Itself: After a short period of non-use, this convenient pad will automatically re-cool itself which makes it good for travel, which will be a nice choice for any dog owner looking to offer their pet a comfy, dry, cool place to relax and can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Extremely Affordable: Made from waterproof thickening PVC material with unleashed seaming, comparing to normal cooling mat, it is tougher than ever! All to sooth on hot summer days to keep dogs from overheating or for senior pets or those with hip dysplasia
  • Easy to Clean: Hand-washable for easy cleanup, or just wipes clean, and fits most occasions, such as computer, outdoor, dogs cats house, car seats, chairs and so on

Product Description

On a hot summer afternoon, your dog stretches his tongue and pant continuously, it seems that he is desperately looking forward to a cool moment, unfortunately, the temperature keeps rising and dogs keep panting. Until GoPetee dog cooling mat appears, he becomes so happy to stay on this magic mat, he feels so cool, so comfortable and enjoy the whole summer day that never seen before.


  • Calm Down
  • A Comfortable Nap
  • No Sick
  • Clean

Summer Never Be So Cool!

  • Mood
  • Health
  • Cool

When I am crazily looking for ice water to drink, I'm not thirsty, but just want to stay cool. I never realize that this may cause me to get sick, diarrhea or feel unwell.

Hot temperature makes me anxious,I like lying on sturdy ice cubes to keep cool, even I feel uncomfortable and upset.

I swim in unhealthy water pool to get away from high temperature, but will bacterial get away from me?

Guess what makes me look so happy? Until you get such a comfortable, clean, cool mat for hot summer, you will get to know answer.

Our cooling mat apply for physical cooling with non-toxic polymer gel, it absorbs the heat effectively and keep the body, air and mat for heat exchange and conduction, which makes your pet have a cool day in hot weather.

Filled With: Non-Toxic Gel

Size Choice: M: 50cm x 65cm L: 50cm x90cm XL: 81x96cm

Guidance to Size: M: Perfect for Pets around 6kg/13 lbs ( Cats, Poodle, Pug, Beagle etc.) L:Perfect for Pets around 25kg/55 lbs(Husky, Samoyed, Corgi etc.) XL:Perfect for Pets around 40kg/88 lbs(Golden Retriever, Labrador, Alaska etc.)

Hot weather often leads to various discomforts in pets’ life, they may behave like they can't sleep well, like to barking, staying in water and running around etc, but this still can not alleviate the heat. They show various abnormalities like an helpless babies to attract your attention, now our cooling mat can solve this problem easily, it can be automatically cooled, no need to inject water, recycling, cost-saving, which brings your pet a cool summer so that they are no longer suffering from heat.

Tips: 1.After rinsing the pad, make sure it's wiped dry. 2.Do not put it exposed to direct sunlight. 3.Put it in cool place or place it in refrigerator for about 30 minutes, the cooling effect will be better.


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