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Flash Powermop cleaning solution Refill 1.25 Litre Multi-Surface

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  • Powerful solution dissolves dirt, grease and grime
  • Leaves a fresh, open window airy scent
  • Safe for use across all hard sealed surfaces, don’t use on unfinished floors/untreated/oiled wood/carpet
  • Plastic refill bottle widely recycled
  • Refill bottles are suitable for use with any Flash Powermop device, old or new

Product description

Style Name:Cleaning Solution Refill

Product Description

Flash powermop gives you an easy powered deep clean on nearly any floor in your home. Simply insert the powerful cleaning solution refill in to any flash powermop device for easy, powered floor cleaning. Powerful cleaning solution loosens all sorts of dirt, grease and grime whilst leaving a fresh and airy scent. Dirt is lifted away from the floor so that it can be easily soaked up by the powerful absorbing pad. Safe for use across all sealed floor surfaces, do not use on unfinished floors, untreated/oiled wood. Suitable for use with old and new powermops.




From the manufacturer

Powermop Speedmop
Flash Powermop StarterKit Flash Speedmop StarterKit
Cleaning Powered deep clean. Quick. Easy. Hygienic.
Technology Absorbs dirt and grime and locks it away in its core. Trap and locks dust and dirt.
Available in these scents Fresh Scent Lemon Scent
Picks up dirt, dust & hair
Safe on all floors
360 swivel head
Refills Absorbing pads Cleaning solution Wet cloths
Recycle refill cloths through Terracycle

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