Ingenious Strategy Game

Ingenious Strategy Game

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  • Ingenious is an easy to learn, strategy board game
  • 120 Tiles, 1 hexagonal board, 1 Bag, 4 Racks, 4 Score Boards, 24 Counters, Rules Sheet
  • Win by having the best score in your least–scored colour
  • Endless strategic options through clever tile placement
  • Unique scoring system

Product description

Product Description

Ingenious is a game that is in a league of its own. Quick to play, bueatiful and one of the more “clever” board games.^The game involves scoring points by placing your color tiles on a hexagonal board while trying to block your oponents from scoring points. Although it sounds simplistic, the game actually is a real challenge.^The game has a nearly unlimited amount of strategies and with it’s unique scoring system, every game is different and challenging.

Safety Warning


Manufacturer’s Description

Lay out the board and place all the tiles into the black bag. Take a tile rack for each player and start with 6 tiles from the bag. Place your wooden cube markers on the colour symbols (number 0) on the score-boards. Each tile has 2 symbols. The object of the game is to place a tile with one of its symbols next to a similar one already on the board and to score as many lines of colours going in a straight line from each of the 2 symbols on the tiles. As you score each turn, you move your marker along the scoreboard. When the players have completely filled the main playing board with tiles, then the game is over. The winner is the player whose “worst” marker has advanced the most!

Box Contains

Box Contains: 1 Game Board • 120 Tiles • 1 Bag • 4 Racks • 4 Score Boards • 24 Counters (4 x 6 Colors) • Rules Sheet

First Available: 1 Jan. 2002
Dimensions: 25 x 25 x 6 cm
Model No: SOP31602
Batteries Required: No
Batteries Included: No

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