SNS SAFETY LTD Convex Traffic Mirror for Driveway, Warehouse and Garage Safety or Store and Office Security to Eliminate Blind Spots (Diameter 80 cm, with Wall Bracket)

SNS SAFETY LTD Convex Traffic Mirror for Driveway

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  • Convex mirrors can be used as traffic mirrors, outdoor or indoor, providing a wide-angle view up to 160 degrees and increasing safety in driveways, parking lots and garages. Convex security mirrors, as surveillance and monitoring system in stores, mini markets, kiosks and booths help improve security and offer great theft prevention.
  • Parking mirror for garage, help drivers to know every moment the exact position of their car, avoiding collitions with garage walls during parking manoeuvres. Safety convex mirrors for corners prevent also industrial blind spot accidents and improve employee safety in warehouses and loading docks by increasing visibility.
  • This polycarbonate convex mirror stands to impacts, practically does not break, has excellent reflection properties and does not scratch easily. Can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Each mirror is protected by a removable film on the front. This film should remain in place to protect the mirror during installation and only be removed once installation is complete.
  • Very easy and simple installation, mounted on a fully adjustable fixing bracket offering optimum positioning in every installation.

Product description

Size Name:Diameter 80 cm |  Style Name:with Wall Bracket

Convex circular mirror is suitable for parking safety and store security for indoor and outdoor applications. The mirror is made of special poly-carbonate material that resists shock and keeps for a long time clear the reflective surface. As surveillance and monitoring system in stores, mini markets, kiosks and booths helps improve security and offer great theft prevention. As security mirror allows also people who use devices like computers and machine monitors to see what is happening behind them. Ideal for parking lots, garages, warehouses and anywhere is required a wider field of view for increased safety. This mirror is also useful in locations that there is high risk of vehicle conflicts from blind spots and corners and generally in places with limited visibility. They are also used in occupational health applications, providing a safe working environment in warehouses and factories with plenty of fork-lifts traffic. Poly-carbonate mirror surface stands to impacts and has excellent reflection properties. The convex mirror is attached to a fully adjustable wall bracket for infinite adjustment in all directions to ensure ideal positioning and full coverage. Easy and fast installation with the included mounting hardware. Mirrors have a safety film applied to the front of the reflective surface for the prevention of scratching during installation. Convex mirrors eliminate blind spots and corners in garages, driveways, parking lots, warehouses, industries, offices and enhance safety and security in areas with limited visibility.

SKU: B015N2X55Q

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