Relaxdays Set of 20 Stainless Steel Tent Pegs, Tent Stakes with Eyelets, V-Shape, Barbs, 18 cm Long Tent Anchoring, Silver

Relaxdays Set of 20 Stainless Steel Tent Pegs

SALE PRICE: £22.61

  • Set of 20: The robust ground spikes anchor the tents and canopy deep
  • Multifunctional: spikes for normal grounds – suitable for camping sites, grass or forest ground
  • V-shape: the front tapered v-shape of the peng facilitates the anchoring in the ground
  • Robust: The ground spikes are completely made of stainless steel – sturdier than those made of aluminium or plastic
  • By the way: best to fasten with rubber hammers – loop for an easy removal with peg snag

Product description

A good ground anchoring is important when you want to enjoy your camping time and not go chasing after your tent every time the wind blows. This set of 20 tent pegs is perfect for normal ground and works great on the meadow or garden, as well as on the camping site. They are completely made of steel and, therefore, much more suited as ground spikes than those made of aluminium or plastic. Pound on the tent spikes so that they look away from the tent. We recommend using a rubber hammer to not damage the tent pegs.

Set of 20 Tent Pegs in Detail

– Size H x W x D: app. 18.3 x 2.2 x 1.7 cm
– Hole diameter: app. 6 mm
– Material: Steel
– Weight of each spike: app. 32 g

Stake for Tent Anchoring
– Fix of tents, canopies and more
– More stability for tensioning ropes
– Strong ground anchoring
– Front tapered V-shape
– Loop for removal

Included in Delivery
– 20x Tent peg
– Decorative items shown in product pictures not included

First Available: 3 Aug. 2018
Weight: 630 g
Model No: 10023882
Part No: 10023882

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