AIIBOT Air Purifier Anion, 4-stage filtering against 99.97% bacteria/smells/allergens/pollutants, automatic reminder for filter change, 4 wind speeds, super quiet

AIIBOT Air Purifier Anion

SALE PRICE: £89.99

  • 【4-step filtering, efficient cleaning】:3 in 1 latest filtering: Pre-filter+3-levels of highly efficient combi-filter (refrigeration catalyst/HEPA filter/activated carbon filter). Prefilter can effectively intercept large particles such as hair, cotton, which are cleaned at any time to extend the life of the filter. 3-stage high-efficiency combi-filter can effectively remove the air pollution of PM 2.5, bacteria, dust, allergens, harmful gas such as formaldehyde.
  • 【Super quiet & energy-saving】:4 speed adjustment (low mid high and sleep mode). In sleep mode, the noise is not more than 29dB, maximum noise is less than 50 dB. With the timer, the air purifier can be switched off automatically after 1, 2, 3 or 4 hours, saving valuable energy.
  • 【Negative ions for air purification】:CADR 210m3/h, effectively cleans rooms up to 55 m2. Negative ions are given into the air and remove dust and unpleasant odors and inhibit bacteria to give you an air like forest.
  • 【Filter Reminder & Modern Design】:After the filter has been in constant use for 2000 hours, the indicator lamp flashes and the filter needs to be replaced to avoid secondary contamination. The air purifier has a night light, a small body, a white, simple and modern design, which is suitable for placement in the living room, in the room and in the office, while acting as decoration and air purification.
  • 【Better service】:We offer you a high-quality canvas dust bag to keep air purifiers clean and tidy when not in use. 1year warranty. If you have any problems or questions, please contact us and you will receive a satisfactory response and solution within 24 hours.

Product description

Aiibot Air Purifier with Quadruple HEPA Filter and Activated Carbon for 99.97% Dust / Odor / Animal Hairs / Smoke / Allergens in Air, Timer Function, Four Wind Speeds.In modern homes, the allergen density is often 2-10 times higher than outdoors. The number of people suffering from allergies or even allergic asthma is increasing every year. This affects about 5% of adults and 10% of children and adolescents. Aiibot air purifier can filter the indoor air and effectively filter allergens, smoke, particulate matter, gases, odors, Bacteria and viruses.

First Available: 19 Aug. 2019
Weight: 5.42 Kg
Dimensions: 31 x 15.3 x 46.6 cm
Model No: EPI188
Colour: White

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