Olivia Garden ProThermal® Thermal Round Hair Brushes Bag, 5pcs (16, 25, 33, 43, 53mm) – Heat-Retaining Aluminum

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  • HEAT-RETAINING ALUMINIUM : An aluminum barrel retains the heat very well which will accelerate the hair drying
  • ANTI-STATIC BRISTLES : Anti-static bristles prevent efficiently the charge of the hair with static electricity for straight and shiny hair
  • OPTIMIZED AIR FLOW : Which result ? a faster and more effective styling
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLE : Made with anti-slip material ensures a maximum comfort.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT : The lighter a brush, the more comfortable and easier to handle it

Product description

Product Description

The Olivia Garden Pro Thermal Classic Brushes are extremely lightweight, perfectly balanced to reduce wrist fatigue. They have a heat-conductive surface, and a sure grip non-slippery handle surface. They have anti-static, high heat resistant bristles with a snag-free seamless handle. They have an easy rotation functional handle design. They also have greater airflow that reduces drying time and improves styling results. It is not always easy to choose a size for your brushing: Short hair: small or medium round brush, from 12 mm to 33 mm. Medium-length hair: medium round brush, from 33 mm to 53 mm. Long hair: medium to large round brush, from 43 mm to 83 mm. Care tip: It is important to clean your brush regularly, it is best to clean it after each use. In our Olivia Garden range, we have developed a “brush cleaner” that will help you to maintain your brushes and remove any remaining hair on the brush. For a more thorough cleaning: use soap by emulsifying with water, then rinse it thoroughly and dry your brush.

Box Contains

1 x Olivia Garden ProThermal Brush, Size 16 mm
1 x Olivia Garden ProThermal Brush, Size 25 mm
1 x Olivia Garden ProThermal Brush, Size 33 mm
1 x Olivia Garden ProThermal Brush, Size 43 mm
1 x Olivia Garden ProThermal Brush, Size 53 mm

First Available: 2 Sept. 2014
SKU: B00N952P06
Weight: 540 g
Model No: BR-PRBG5-TH016

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