MAXGOODS Portable Small Motorcycle Helmet Anti-theft Spring Rope Bicycle Wheel Disc Lock Travel Coiled Wire Rope Security Cable Reminder Rope Code Lock Accessories.Color Silver


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  • This lock is portable and lightweight but safe at the same time to make sure you do not get your bicycle or motorcycle helmet stolen! To lock your bike and stop the bike’s saddle in place!
  • Slide one end through your jacket sleeve, hook the loops at the end of the cable onto the helmet and attach it to your bike. Alternatively, if your helmet does not have “D” rings, loop the ends through your helmet and lock it to your bike.
  • The lock is made of 2mm thick nickel-plated steel cable and the whole device is 100% waterproof, ultra durable, provides anti-cut resistance, prevent scratching and guaranteed never to rust! Do not damage your bike or your helmets!
  • The longest stretch can stretch to 100 cm (3.28 feet). 100 kilogram load capacity! When you’re finished, it will be back to its original length (only 6cm / 2.36inch!) And will slip into your pocket. (Can you imagine I have a burglar rope in my pocket?)
  • To Use Your Carabiner and Other Locks to Secure Helmets, Jackets, Gear to Your Bike.You can also be used to secure anything from bags, suitcases & luggage to baby strollers, gates, ladders & garden furniture! Plus, you can carry it in your pocket anywhere you go!
First Available: 14 May 2018
Weight: 59 g
Part No: DOORAZ242
Colour: Silver

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