gipfelsport Microfibre towel | Microfibre bath towel, travel towel, beach towel | Quick-drying, ultra-light, space-saving | for children, men and women


  • ✔ COMPACT – The compact, lightweight microfibre bath towel can be easily stowed away in the supplied bag. The small packing size makes it ideal as a backpacker towel, outdoor towel, travel towel or beach towel, perfect for your next trip to the beach, for swimming or in the gym. You don’t want to use the bag? The loop holds the rolled towel together. Rolled up or in your pocket – the choice is yours!
  • ✔ FAST DRYING – The fitness towel is soft, absorbent, ultra-light and dries very quickly due to the microfibres and is therefore very popular when travelling. With the help of the loop, the towel can be hung up quickly or stored in the backpack, sports bag or suitcase to save space.
  • ✔ HUMIDITY CONDUCTING – Due to the efficient drying and the high suction power, the towel is ideal for the gym, sauna, yoga, Pilates, fitness or gymnastics exercises, but also for outdoor activities, such as camping or swimming. For drying oneself after showering or bathing we recommend the “swabbing technique” instead of the classical drying off.
  • ✔ EASY-CARE – The gipfelsport microfibre towel can be washed in the washing machine, is tear-resistant and washable at 40°. We recommend washing the towel with similar colours for the first washes. With good air circulation, the beach towel dries in a short time. Suitable for men, women and children.
  • ✔ OPTIMAL SIZE – We offer you 6 sizes and 2 sets in different colours (grey, navy, blue, green, pink, light blue, anthracite and fuchsia) and in best quality. The set of 2 is ideal for your next trip. The name field on the bag turns the sports towel into a personalised and individual towel. Turn this towel into YOUR towel

Product description

Know you that has this problem?
In your suitcase is no such thing as too much space?
Your towel takes the bulk of your sports bag?
Large terry towelling towels making it more difficult to go to the beach or the trip into the countryside?
The towel set is even a from the day before?
There is always so. Summit sports has the solution to your problems.
The space-saving Micro Fibre Towel from Gipfelsport is your perfect companion when you’re working out, jogging, bathing, for use when travelling, camping or hiking trips.
Your advantages:
Space saving companion the towel easily folds into the bag. The Velcro closure is perfectly case quickly
Quick-drying – The microfibre dry fast, so you can easy to avoid unpleasant fragrance
Can be used anywhere – whether for sport, on holiday, in the sauna, the towel set complies with his purpose everywhere
Personalised The bag has a name label who to go to highlight, the towel is
Now with Introductory Price Available for a limited time.

First Available: 26 Oct. 2017


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