The Garden Jungle: Or Gardening to Save the Planet by Dave Goulson review — time to dig up your lawn and eat roadkill – The Times

Dave Goulson’s new book is deeply depressing, perhaps more than he intends it to be. He tries to lighten it up with jokes, anecdotes and fascinating facts about various garden creatures, from woodlice, centipedes and earthworms to earwigs — the males of which, he tells us, have two penises, but use them only one at a time. There are recipes for home-made cider, grey-squirrel pie and other garden treats. But despite these diversions, despair sets in well before you have turned the last page. To make matters worse, Goulson is an acknowledged authority and a professor of biology at Sussex University, so his opinions cannot be lightly set aside.

It is estimated, he tells us, that up to 10,000 plant and animal species are currently…

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